What better way to boost your YouTube video then by letting someone else promote your video for you. Your video will rank better within YouTube (and Google). In turn this will also increase your visitors count and visibility. The only thing you have to do is buy the YouTube views and sit back and let someone else do the promoting for you. You can only get so far by asking your friends and family to view your video. Chances are (unless your name is J-Lo) you will not hit the 100 views mark. You will however need significantly more than that to rank higher.

As long as you make sure that the viewers are real people there is no reason not to try this out. Real viewers will then come naturally to your video because only after a certain number of views will normal searchers even notice your video. As an added service you also buy YouTube favorites and YouTube channel subscriptions. When you have those as well the video looks perfectly normal and no one will know the initial views were bought.

This process usually starts with you buying the view and providing the merchant with the url to your video such as like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_A9yhmOd_gA. The promoter then will start contacting his friends in his network to promote your video. As these networks of people can be quite large as much as a 1000 views can be added per day. However you should know that your view counter does not show views after the counter has reached 300 for that day. It may take as much as 48 hours to really see the difference in your statistics. This is completely normal and all quality merchants will inform you of this fact.

As the people are real people the amount of views will count and be recognized as such by YouTube. Most of the time the viewers will come from within YouTube or from other high-traffic websites. The terms of service of YouTube are respected because these are all actual people.
After your video has, say 5000 views, and people search within YouTube for a certain keyword your video will show up much faster. For that to happen you should provide good titles and descriptions of for your video. Remember that you are also allowed to have links to your website in your description.

This method of promoting works for all of the video types so it does not matter if you are a band, musician or company owner.

Almost every organization in every industry utilizes the Television advertising platform. This allows them to get a message about their products and services out to a large amount of people repeatedly. This advertising method has been used successfully for many years and as such it is one of the most widely used advertising methods across the globe.

One way to ramp up the benefit you get from your television advertisement is by having Celebrity Endorsements. This is common to countries all around the world as well. How this works is the organization pays the celebrity for their endorsement as well as may offer them other incentives for their appearance in the ad.

The main reason this is successful even though many people already know that the celebrity may have not used the product is that people look up to these people. Hence they will be more likely to try a product if their favorite celebrity endorses it. Since they emulate these individuals they will want to use products that they possibly have used even if only for once. This is especially true in the beauty and health and fitness industries. For some they may have tried a particular product before and got no results but after trying it the product, then after seeing one or more Celebrity Endorsements they find that they see the results.

For this reason companies want to use Celebrity Endorsements to endorse their products and services. They know that having a famous face on their ad will get more people purchasing from them and thus making their business successful. Since they may even get repeat purchases this makes it worth whatever they have to pay the celebrity to do the endorsement.

The type of celebrity that you see in the advertisement gives you an idea of how much the company spent on their endorsement. Bigger Celebrity Endorsements of course come at higher prices and so may be seen endorsing only a small amount of products. Most companies though will at least try to get a big celebrity to endorse their ad at first then may find someone a little less famous if they find that they cannot afford it.

There are of course two sides to the celebrity endorsement like anything else. It has its positives and its negatives. If consumers see a particular celebrity endorsing a number of products or services they may be apprehensive and may not want to purchase or do business with a company because they think their advertisements are a farce. Then there is also the publicity of their lives; if something negative happens in their lives people will be less inclined to purchase something with their endorsement. This means that companies must be careful as if they don’t choose properly they may get Celebrity Endorsements that only turns out to be an expense for the company. Celebrity Endorsements have it benefits and it has its drawbacks but one thing that is certain is that it is very useful in the beauty and fashion industry. With a good endorsement an organization can get a snowball effect on their sales figures within a short time span.

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