Did you know that poor work conditions can lead to more upper arm fat? Although this may sound ridiculous, research has shown this to be true.

How do we know? Because of the Whitehall studies conducted in Britain. You see, everyone in Britain has access to the same healthcare. So these studies showed that it was work conditions that led to changes in exercise, diet and weight gain.

And here is what can make your work place an upper arm fat haven:

1. Lack of control. Not being in control is a primary cause of work related stress. And the stress causes your body to secrete hormones which lead to more arm fat accumulation.

2. Tension. Does your neck get stiff? Do you feel tense? Uptight? Too much tension in the workplace is a recipe for disaster. Seek out a more comfortable environment within your workplace. If this isn’t possible, you may want to start looking…

3. Clarity of given tasks. If the work you are supposed to do is unclear, stress will rise. Ask your superiors for more clearly defined work. State how your productivity will increase and never point fingers. After all, finger pointing will only increase work-related stress.

4. Were you are on the totem pole. Unfortunately, lower ranking jobs lead to more weight gain and poorer nutrition-according to the research. So I would suggest looking for things you can do outside of work where you can assume a more dominant role. Doing so can help offset the negatives.

5. Having a mono-identity. Don’t let your work define who you are. When things are going good you will feel good. But anytime something goes bad you will get flooded with all those stress hormones. Subjecting yourself to this emotional roller coaster is unnecessary.

Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do here. If your job is becoming a true nightmare despite all your efforts, you may have to find a different workplace. If this isn’t possible within your company, you may have to find a different job! Then you may notice that the upper arm fat comes off a little easier!

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Studies have shown that women are more sleep deprived than ever. And this is not good news for those wishing to get rid of flabby arms. After all, sleep is critical if you want slimmer arms.

The bad news is that a lack of sleep reduces your chances of getting toned arms through a wide variety of different mechanisms. A lack of sleep, for example, reduces testosterone. A key hormone for burning arm fat.

More importantly, no sleep translates into a poor mood. In other words, you mind will make mole hills seem like mountains.

Thus, here are five tips on how to get rid of flabby arms with sleep optimization:

1. Avoid the light. A single ray of light hitting your eyes can ruin your sleep. Light is the strongest signal your body uses for establishing sleep cycles. Either board up your windows or use a sleep mask if light is an issue.

2. Use your mind. Challenging your mind during the day will break down a lot of ATP. And breaking down ATP will help you sleep much better at night.

3. Do not deviate from your schedule. A single day of sleeping in can shift your sleep schedule forward by a couple of hours. And once this happens, sleep quality will decrease. So stick with a regular schedule and do not deviate no matter what!

4. Get a feel for your sleep debt. Set aside some time during the day during which you will do a very monotonous activity. If you feel the need to sleep, then you have too much sleep debt. So work on reducing the sleep debt so that you can reduce those flabby arms.

5. Avoid acute increases in stress. If you have a huge stressor during the day, the stress pathways in your brain can remain overactive at night. Thus, you will have poor sleep.

Getting a full night’s sleep will make the process of getting rid of flabby arms much easier. Managing a sleep debt while trying to get toned arms is like trying to run a marathon with a bag of rocks on your back. So get sleeping!

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There is lots of free information on the internet. And free arm workouts for women are no exception here. After all, if you really want toned arms you need to directly work your arm muscles.

The main issue here, however, is that many women are simply not having the quality workouts that are requisite for arm toning. You have to push yourself.

Now I understand that pushing yourself hard in the gym is no walk in the park. In fact, there will be times when doing an arm workout is the last thing on your mind. Nevertheless, consistently pushing yourself is the only way to get the arms of your dreams.

So here’s how to improve any arm workout for women:

1. Keep the chit chat to a minimum. Although this piece of advice may seem intuitive, I still see countless women who are caught in an endless array of conversations while they are in the gym. They don’t even break a sweat!

2. Use clothes that breathe well. Unfortunately, lots of “exercise” clothes make you overheat very quickly. Especially when you are working out hard. And overheating will translate into less work capacity. Staying cool allows you to go much harder when doing your arm workout.

3. Listen to your own music. Again, this may sound like common sense, yet I see many women who subject themselves to the sleep-inducing music that many gyms play. Research has shown that listening to your own music while working out increases intensity.

4. Have a routine. Don’t wing it when doing your arm workouts. Know exactly when you are going to do them. Setting up a routine facilitates entering the zone and decreases the probability that you’ll miss a workout.

5. Get a partner, only if you need one. Having a partner can be a blessing or a curse. Make sure your partner is equally dedicated as you are. Also, only workout with a partner if you feel the need for one. If you are better off alone, then do your arm workouts alone.

Doing arm workouts for women the right way involves high levels of intensity. And the tips in this article should facilitate reaching the level of intensity that will get you results. Just make sure to apply this information today, and not tomorrow!

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Do you really want go figure out how to get thin arms? If your answer is yes, then testosterone is going to be a key ally in your efforts. It’s really that important for your body and for losing arm fat.

Unfortunately, most women juxtapose this hormone with bulging biceps. Now it does help out with muscle growth, but it also increases lipolysis-the incineration of fat cells.

Also, please bear in mind that men will have about 60x more testosterone than women. That’s right, 60 times more. Thus, your nightmares of acquiring male characteristics are unfounded.

So without further ado, here is how to get thin arms by increasing testosterone:

1. Get enough sleep. Sleep does so many important things in the female body, and increasing testosterone production is one of them. And don’t assume you can get by on just a couple hours, or “core” sleep as some researchers call it. You see, the majority of testosterone is produced in the last couple of hours of sleep.

2. Eat fat. Study after study has shown that higher fat diets lead to more testosterone production. There is no doubt here. So please do not skimp on the fat if you are really serious about learning how to get thin arms. Just stay away from saturated fat.

3. Embrace weights. Learning how to lift weights with intensity is critical when learning how to get thin arms. You see, intense weight lifting with lots of volume maximizes testosterone production. You will also burn a surplus of calories.

4. Avoid chronic stress. The occasional fright with rapid closure doesn’t cause harm. In fact, you are biologically programmed to handle these types of situations. It is the nagging stresses that persist day in and day out that you have to steer clear from.

Testosterone isn’t just for men. It’s a key hormone for the female body as well. And without it, getting thin arms will be very hard.

As a result, you should be enthusiastic about following the tips in this article. Don’t worry about bulging muscles and testosterone! You deserve thin arms NOW!

Author Katherine Crawford, a Harvard exercise physiologist and former flabby arms sufferer, instructs women on how to get skinny arms. Unearth how to get sexy arms by exploring her blog about bingo wings right now!

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High sugar intakes and thin arms do not mix well. Hence, the utility of artificial sweeteners. They provide the taste without the calories.

Seems too good to be true?

Well, recent research has been demonstrating that artificial sweeteners are extremely unhealthy to the point of causing cancer.

So here are 5 things you need to know about sexy arms and sweeteners:

1. They can increase cancer risk. A solid study showed that low calorie sweeteners can increase cancer risk by thirty percent. Not good! The good news, however, is that the increase in cancer was associated with the highest levels of intake.

2. They’re within many products. Companies love to inject their food with abundant and varied quantities of artificial sweeteners because it allows them to market products as being low calorie. So beware and lookout for sweeteners in all places.

3. Safety studies have been short term. All studies showing the safety of sweeteners have been very short term. Even worse, they have been conducted by the companies themselves. Very little unbiased research is out there right now.

4. Popular sweeteners are toxic. Aspartame, also known as Equal or NutraSweet, was found to be toxic in the largest rodent study to have ever been conducted. Now although rodents are much different from humans, this still raises a flag of caution.

5. All natural sweeteners can be just as bad. Stevia, an all natural sweetener, has been found to convert into a mutagen within the human intestine. I used to love this stuff, not any more

The bottom line is that we do NOT know if low calorie sweeteners are safe for long term consumption. Thus, I recommend that you limit your low calorie sweetener intake to no more than 3 servings per day. And less is better here. So the best approach is to have the bare minimum necessary! After all, getting sexy arms should not damage your health!

Highly regarded writer Katherine Crawford, a Harvard exercise expert and former arm fat sufferer, teaches women how to obtain sexy arms. Discover how to get sexy arms by visiting her blog about thin arms now!

You are probably aware of the importance of proper hydration for getting thin arms. But are you aware of how to manage your hydration? Unfortunately, learning how to manage water intake has become quite confusing.

Why is hydration management so confusing? Because of caffeine. Caffeine intakes in this day and age make it very difficult to predict just how much water your body is absorbing.

You could be constantly dehydrated without even knowing it.

So without further ado, here are 5 solid reasons for learning how to manage your water intake for getting thin arms:

1. A cooler core. Once your core temperature reaches a certain level your body will not want to move any more. The end result? Shorter and less effective arm-thinning workouts.

2. Less blood. Blood carries nutrients to all the tissues in your body. And the biggest component of blood is water. So if you’re dehydrated your body will get less fuel when it needs it.

3. Waste accumulation. Almost every single reaction in your body requires water. And so does the removal of waste.

4. Metabolic drops. Your metabolism dictates how many calories you burn even while you sleep. If you’re dehydrated, expect a decrease in metabolism.

5. Mental laggardness. I believe this is the worst effect of dehydration. Why? Because it makes mole hills seem like mountains. When you’re dehydrated every single task seems much harder than it really is. Not good for getting rid of skinny arms!

6. Less work capacity in the gym. It’s extremely difficult and in some cases very painful to exercise while dehydrated. Your muscles need water to function properly without cramping.

Water does your body good. So make sure you aren’t a victim of constant low grade dehydration. If your caffeine intake is high, you may be suffering from dehydration. So if you want to get thin arms, drink up!

Author Katherine Crawford, a Harvard exercise physiologist and former arm fat sufferer, instructs women on how to obtain skinny arms. Discover how to get sexy arms by exploring her blog about slim arms right now!

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Skinny people intrigue everyone. What has it taken them to get that figure, or is it simply the result of lucky jeans? Er, I mean genes People wonder if the skinny just got lucky or if they have to work really hard to stay thin.

Its both true and untrue.

Those who are really thin likely work really hard to stay thin. These are the folks who watch every single calorie that crosses their hips and eat rabbit food with no dressing.

There is a whole other group of thin people that make being thin look easy.

Naturally thin people have many traits in common that help to maintain their thin figures. After interviewing hundreds of naturally skinny folks over the course of 14 years, I’ve come up with seven skinny secrets they have in common. You might be able to identify with some of them and you also might be able to make a few slight shifts that would help you to become naturally thin too.

1. The naturally thin think thin thoughts. The naturally thin know that they will stay thin forever. They make comments like I’m little or I can only eat half of that. They think differently. They act and react to circumstances and opportunities differently. They don’t run to food when their dog dies or sink into a food coma when procrastinating. They think about food as just food. It is delicious, they love it, but its there to fuel their body and taste good, nothing else

2. Thin people don’t diet. True Fact. Dieting would never enter the thoughts of these naturally thin adults. You ask Why?, because they have never had to and have never thought of themselves as anything but thin. If during my research I asked a thin person if they were concerned about becoming heavy and their response invariably was No! When I pressed them, they said, because I’ve never been overweight.

3. Never mix emotions and food. If a thin person is sad, they go cry or talk to someone. If they become angry about something, they do something to relieve that stress like working out or punching their pillows. They just don’t confuse emotions and eating because it makes no sense to them. The only time they think about food is when they become hungry – not because they are upset or sad. When upset or sad, they deal with those emotions. When they are hungry, only then is when they eat. They commonly deal with emotions in an emotional way.

4. Socializing does not require the thin to eat. If they go to a picnic or other social event where food is served, and they aren’t hungry, they don’t mind standing around and talking without eating. If they ever get hungry, they will get a hot dog or a burger or something else to eat, but not until they are hungry. They go to enjoy visiting with family and friends, not merely to eat. Grazing isn’t something they do.

5. Naturally thin people eat what they love. They would never think of eating celery sticks unless they were craving celery sticks. And when they are hungry, they eat food they crave. They never deprive themselves of something by saying no, I can’t have that. They know they can eat anything they want when they are hungry. They don’t say no to any food unless they are sensitive or allergic to specific foods.

6. Mindless eating to numb the senses is something thin people don’t do. They are always conscious of the effect that what they are eating has on their bodies. You would never find them at the theater with their hand in the bottom of an almost empty popcorn bucket wondering if they ate it all. Thin people know how hungry they are before they sit down to a meal and how full they are while or after they finish eating.. They are ignorant about diets, calories and other aspects of food.

7. Overeating is not something naturally thin people do. This group of individuals see no value in overeating. They know it saps their energy and causes their belles to protrude. Yuck! Overeating causes extreme discomfort and reinforces the negative feeling while keeping them from overeating. Overeating occurs less than two percent of the time in naturally thin people.

Can you tell the difference in their mindset and actions?

Now you know that thin has nothing to do with luck, or genetics, the quality or type of food. Thin people don’t gain weight because of how they eat, their connection with their body, when they eat and the freedom to choose any type of food.

If you are thinking about losing weight, you now know it isn’t about diet since the naturally thin don’t. And now is the time to do it!

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