Did you know that your coffee maker could be filtering out the flavor? The filtered brewing process of most popular coffee makers on the market today removes the most important part of the coffee, the oil. Coffee oil is where most of the coffee’s flavor comes from and its lost when the coffee passes through a filter. To make a more aromatic and memorable cup of coffee you should try using a French press coffee maker.

A French press (sometimes called a coffee press) is usually a glass cylinder with a plunger like device inside. You place your coffee grinds inside and pour hot water into it. The water should not be boiling or you will scald your grinds, which will affect the taste. 200 degree water is the optimum temperature for a fine cup of coffee. If youre using a kettle to heat your water, remove it from the heat before if starts whistling. Either that or you can let the water boil but let it sit for a few minutes before pouring it into your coffee press. Remember to leave at least an inch of space when filling up the French press.

The coffee press works best with a grind that’s a little bigger than usual. If you’re grinding your own beans try to make them a little larger than what you’d buy for your automatic drip coffee maker. And you definitely don’t want to grind the beans down to dust. If the grinds are too fine, they will clog the coffee press.

Let the coffee steep in the water for about 4 minutes. Now its time for the press part of the French press. Place the French press on a no slip surface and slowly and smoothly press the plunger down. Press too hard or too quickly and in a worst case scenario, you could have boiling hot water shoot out all over you. This step is how the coffee grinds are forced to the bottom of the container and youre left with delicious fresh brewed coffee in the top chamber. You are now ready to pour and serve.

The coffee press is an old way to make coffee but manufacturers have modernized the equipment. There’s conversation starting glass and stainless steel French presses and they even make travel mug editions. So now your insulated travel mug will not only keep your coffee warm but it’ll brew it as well.

With coffee becoming such an important part of most peoples days, isn’t it time that we pampered ourselves with a better tasting brew. The French press is an easy and flavorful way to make a cup of coffee. So if youre tired of the brown water that comes out of coffee vending machines in your office, then the French press is perfect for you.

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Creating complete family meals with some meatless substitutions for the veggie eater can be very easy. With some great resources and a little knowledge on what the vegetarian will eat, your meal planning for the family will be a breeze.

I can take my favorite family recipes and create a meatless version that still has great texture and taste without using meat. Companies have finally filling the grocery stores with many delicious meat free products.

When I grocery shop for 1 lb of meat the list will also include a meatless product like tofu. If I’m making hamburgers for dinner then I also purchase a package of veggie burgers.

Adjusting your meal planning for dinner to include meat free options can now be easy. If your looking for a new way to get your family to try new veggies then let me suggest preparing a meatless main dish for dinner and simply serve meat on the side if necessary. This is a great way to start eating healthier for everyone in the household not just the vegetarian.

This list gives you some simple meatless substitutions to use in some of the most popular traditional dinner meals:

Sandwiches with BBQ – this is a quick family meal idea I love to make all the time

*Meat free version – fried tofu

*Meat options – shredded chicken or beef

Pizza – my favorite meal with or without meat

*Meatless options – any veggie you like or can think of, there are no rules on what to put on a veggie pizza in my house

*Meat options – pepperoni, sausage, ham and all the meatless options listed above.

Spaghetti – This is the cheapest family meal I can create

*Veggie eater – loads of vegetables, your favorite sauce and lots of yummy cheese

*Meat eaters – all of the above top with some homemade meatballs

Hamburgers – the most popular all American dinner idea

*Veggie eater – a great veggie burger made with lentils – healthy and delicious or your favorite store bought brand

*Traditional version – ground turkey or ground beef cooked the way you like it – me, well done!

Pasta – You choose the sauce, Alfredo is my favorite

*Veggie eater – a rich sauce smothering a bed of your favorite noodles top with cheese

*Meat eater – all of the above but include some chicken with a white sauce or sausage with a red sauce

These are just a few of the ideas you can use when creating one meal for 2 types of eaters. Don’t be afraid to experiment with those family favorite meals, you never know it just might become the next great meals.

Check your local health food store, there are so many great meat substitutions these days and some great Internet sites that can help you get the flavor and texture your looking for. Dust off your favorite dinner recipes and get cooking the ideas are endless.

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Do you use bread machine mixes when you want to make yeast bread in your automated bread-making machine? If you do, why do you? Because it’s easier? It is so simple to make gourmet bread quickly from easy-to-follow bread recipes and so much more variable too. If you use bread machine mixes you are limited to the bread machine mixes there are in the shops ” no matter how many of them there are there.

On the other hand, a good bread machine recipe book is far more flexible than bread machine mixes. A good bread machine recipe book will contain 150 or more recipes coming from many countries, but it will also inspire you to change those recipes, encouraging you to be creative and invent your own style of bread.

Bread machine mixes are really quite limiting and you have no say over what goes into the bread machine mix either: preservatives, colouring, MSG, salt or Heaven knows what. OK, it says on the label, but you cant take them out, if you limit yourself to bread machine mixes.

Making bread is really very simple. Or to put it correctly, the ingredients to making bread are really quite simple. To bake a very basic loaf of bread, you need only: flour, water, yeast, sugar, salt and fat or oil. The difficult part about making bread is the mixing. It can take five hours to mix the bread making ingredients together; to wait for it to rise; to knead it; wait for it to prove; knead it again and bake it.

So, if you have a bread making machine you can automate the hard bread mixing, proving, kneading cycle and if you have a bread-making cookbook you will be provided with recipes to guide and inspire you.

What could be easier? You look in the bread-making machine cookbook for an appetizing recipe; you put the everyday ingredients into the bread mixing bowl of the bread machine and you put the yeast into a time-release box on top of the bread machine; set the timer and go about your daily life or go to sleep!

The bread making machine will stir the ingredients and consult the timer. Our bread-making machine has a sixteen-hour timer. So, if you want your gourmet, yeast bread ready for 8:30 AM, the bread-making machine will stir the flour, water, salt oil and sugar at once, add the yeast at say, 7 AM, knead, prove and bake the bread and ring a bell at 8:30 to let you know that your gourmet food is ready.

But you wont need the bell to tell you that. The smell of that fresh bread will fill your house and you will be well aware that your bread making machine is almost ready to deliver one of the best loaves of bread youve ever had in your life. And you wont ever look for bread machine mixes again. Youll be brimming over with your own bread machine mixes in no time at all and youll be giving bread away so that you can try out your very own latest bread machine mix.

Bread machine mixes ” we don’t need ‘em?

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Mexican cuisine is known for its colorful presentation and healthy qualities. Home to the Aztecs, Mayans and Zapotecs, Mexico developed a strong agricultural civilization early. They grew many foods like avocados, peppers, beans, corn, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and squash. They hunted for deer, turkey, rabbit, and quail. Chocolate is grown in Mexico, and was originally served as a drink to Aztec royalty.

When the Spanish discovered Mexico, they brought their own favorite foods. Cream, beef, bread, and cheese were combined with the foods growing in Mexico. They brought over livestock like sheep, pigs, and chickens, as well as crops like wheat and sugarcane. When Spain stopped ruling Mexico three hundred years later, they had made quite an impact on traditional Mexican cuisine.

The most important ingredient in Mexican cuisine is corn. Cornmeal, also known as masa, is made into dough that forms the base for tamales, empanadas, and tortillas. Corn is also added as an ingredient to stews, soups and more. Flour tortillas are more popular in northern Mexico. Chili peppers are frequently used in Mexican dishes. Jalapenos, Serrano and poblano chilies are some of the more popular choices.

Beans also provide a good source of protein in Mexican meals. Pinto beans are found in the north, while black beans are popular in the Yucatan peninsula. There are many different varieties used throughout Mexico to make dishes like frijoles (refried beans).

There are many regional favorites found in the typical Mexican meal. Beef is used frequently in the north, as it is hot and dry, with good grazing grounds. The Pacific coast is known for coffee production and its corn stew. The Gulf coast offers a wide variety of seafood and fish dishes, tropical fruits and vegetables. Central Mexico has the most distinctive Spanish influence, and the Yucatan people commonly eat seafood, shellfish, eggs, corn, and black beans. Herbs are used liberally throughout Mexico.

If you want to try making an authentic Mexican meal at home, there are many recipes online to try. Mexican rice recipe are easy and delicious. They are a good dish to start out with. Once you have tried making rice (arroz in Mexico), you will find yourself adding it to your menu frequently.

Try something new and experiment. Adding a different bean can change the texture or flavor to a dish. Add tortillas or refried beans as a side dish, or throw together some fresh seafood and citrus juice to make a cooling ceviche on a hot day. Mexican food is great for kids to make, too. Let them make their own quesadillas or tacos.

For something different, try a Mexican breakfast. Mix some tropical fruit in a bowl for an easy meal. Scramble some eggs and salsa for heurvos rancheros. Alternatively, you can top a tortilla with an egg and add some bacon or ham, chilies, tomatoes and cheese. Serve it with some refried beans for a traditional breakfast.

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Do you love the taste of fresh seafood, but don’t live near the ocean? Sure you can fish in local rivers and streams, and that’s fun. But when you want the taste of the ocean, of a crustacean like lobster or crab, there’s really no substitute if you don’t live near the coast. You can try going to a restaurant, but for some reason, their seafood is just never as fresh as you want it. And that goes double for the grocery store, where the seafood is either packaged and doesn’t taste the same, or is alive but old and tough. What you need is a way to get this fresh lobster meat right to you, so you can enjoy it at it’s peak, in whatever dishes you can imagine to enjoy.

It sounds too good to be true, but you can really get fresh and delicious lobster meat sent right to your door, and for less then you pay now. So why would you ever want to get lobster any other way. But how does this work? It’s simple really. A fisherman brings in their haul of lobster for the day, and it is immediately boiled, cleaned, and packaged to be shipped to you. This means that you’re getting the freshest, healthiest lobster that you can possibly get, without having to go to the store. And you’re getting it for less than you would pay anywhere else!

But how is lobster meat so much less expensive when you order it to be delivered? Weren’t you always paying the ‘market price’? When you order lobster to be delivered to your home, you’re not paying the middleman, which means a big reduction in how much you are paying.

When you order lobster from a restaurant, not only are you paying for the lobster, you’re also paying for the restaurant’s overhead, and helping to give them a profit margin. And because you’re getting service, you’ll need to pay a tip, and for any drinks you order. When you order from a grocery store, you’re still paying overhead and for a margin. But when you get lobster delivered directly, you pay only the amount that the restaurant or grocery store would pay.

And lobster meat is so fresh and delicious that you’ll want to order it again and again. What can you do with fresh lobster? There are so many different possibilities. You can make a fresh lobster and spinach salad, for a heart healthy option that’s also high in protein. You can create a delicious lobster newburg to share with your family on a cold day. And for a quick meal, you can create a light and simple lobster pasta, dressed with oil. These meals are a delicious way to share fresh seafood with your friends and family who may not have been able to enjoy such fresh lobster in the past.

When you order lobster meat online, you’ll be astounded by how many different ways you can prepare and enjoy it. So order today, and see all the great and delicious ways you could have dinner tomorrow!

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As the cold winter months set upon us, it’s time to think about the warm comforting foods that will get us through the cold days. Many people choose to turn to stews or casseroles, hoping that they will warm up the family. Still others like to bake, getting the warmth from both their cookies and breads, and from the oven. However, we have a suggestion that may seem a little out of left field, but is fun and warm nonetheless. Why not buck tradition and throw your family and friends a big old fashioned lobster bake?

While you might be thinking that a lobster bake is best left for the summer, it is actually a great meal to prepare to help you get out some of that winter chill. Instead of waiting for the summer to have this great meal, why not let it bring a little of the joy of summer into your home today. Lobster is such a simple dish to cook that you can share it with your friends and family, inviting them to enjoy the warmth of your home along with you.

It is true that in the past it would have been a lot of work to find all of the lobster you would need for a great midwinter lobster bake. Most grocery stores don’t even carry lobster in the winter. Those that do most likely wouldn’t have enough for all of the friends and family that you would want to invite. And the lobsters that you would find would be tough, old, and over priced. But now, you can easily order fresh lobster online, saving yourself the trouble of looking, and the expense.

What goes into a lobster bake? Well, it depends on what you would like to have with yours. The first ingredient is lobster of course! What size you would like to use will be dependent on what kind of gathering you want to have. If you’re interested in a more informal gathering, with everyone cracking into their own lobster, than a one pounder is the best size. If you want a more formal gathering, with couples sharing, or only tails and claws being presented, then a two or three pound lobster will do the trick.

If you want to give a full lobster bake experience, you can easily add vegetables to the water from the boiling pot, giving them the delicious taste of lobster stock. Potatoes, carrots and onions make great additions to your meal. For those who like surf and turf together, new york strip steak is an excellent addition to your menu, sure to please even the pickiest of eaters among you. It’s a great way to round out an already excellent meal.

When you’re ready to shake off those winter blues and bring a little summer back into your life, try throwing a lobster bake for family and friends. They won’t expect it, and you’ll be happy that you were able to bring some sunshine into the darkest winter. And with easy online ordering, and the one pot nature of the meal, it couldn’t be easier.

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Are you a seafood lover who doesn’t have the food fortune of living near the ocean? For some fish, that’s okay, and you can still enjoy the great taste of fresh fish. But for other seafood, like crustaceans, if you don’t live near the ocean, you’re out of luck for enjoying their great tastes the way you like them. When you go to a restaurant, you have no idea of knowing how fresh their seafood is, no matter how much you’re paying for them. And if you go to the grocery store, you know that you’re getting one of two options. Alive, but old and tough, and not of the quality you want. Or frozen, and definitely not what you’re looking for. What you need to find is a way to get fresh lobster meat while you can still enjoy its delicious fresh flavors.

Do you believe that you can get fresh lobster meat delivered? And not only do you not have to go to the store, but what you can have delivered to your home is not only fresher, it’s also more affordable? It sounds like a line, but it’s true. You can use the internet to order the freshest, highest quality lobster meat available, and you’ll have it delivered directly to your door the next day. But how could this possibly work? When fisherman catch fresh lobster each day, it’s brought to the shore, and immediately boiled, shelled and packaged. This is the package of fresh, tasty lobster meat that comes to your door the next day.

But how is lobster meat so much less expensive when you order it to be delivered? Weren’t you always paying the ‘market price’? When you order lobster to be delivered to your home, you’re not paying the middleman, which means a big reduction in how much you are paying.

When you order lobster from a restaurant, not only are you paying for the lobster, you’re also paying for the restaurant’s overhead, and helping to give them a profit margin. And because you’re getting service, you’ll need to pay a tip, and for any drinks you order. When you order from a grocery store, you’re still paying overhead and for a margin. But when you get lobster delivered directly, you pay only the amount that the restaurant or grocery store would pay.

When you’ve got fresh lobster meat, there are so many different options of how to cook it that you’ll be amazed. Having friends over for a party, make them a delicious lobster appetizer. Want to make a simple and healthy lunch? Then a lobster and spinach salad is an excellent way to give yourself a heart healthy and protein rich meal. When you’re cooking for your family, you can warm them up and give them a hearty meal with a lobster newburg. And if you want a simple and elegant meal in no time, try a lobster spaghetti, dressed lightly with oil.

When you order lobster meat online, you’ll be astounded by how many different ways you can prepare and enjoy it. So order today, and see all the great and delicious ways you could have dinner tomorrow!

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