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When Are We Going To Get Over It?

I received this thought provoking and perhaps controversial article via email forward today. I say controversial because I’m certain some will object to the opinions expressed. No matter where you stand on the issue the author certainly provides some serious food for thought. Looking

Lies of the FOX News Machine: Don’t believe the FOX hype!

Wow I didn’t know people still watched Fox News lol, I’m an MSNBC girl. I received this interesting email forward from my friend Leslie, calling for people to sign a petition to stop Fox from smearing Barack Obama and polluting the air waves with

National March Against Hate Crimes and Racism

The shock and horror of the rape, torture, and abuse that Megan Williams suffered at the hands of six racists, the injustices the Jena Six are battling, the rise of hanging nooses, and the growing number of attacks on African Americans brings us to