Do you suffer from low back pain? Pain is a symptom of a musculoskeletal disorder occurring in the lower back. The intensity of the pain felt depends on the extent of the disorder. There are numerous causes such as injury or strains to the lower back. Each case involves issues with the discs, ligaments, soft tissue and muscles in the lower back. Treatments vary depending on the extent and area of damage, but one popular therapy is the use of massage chairs to relieve low back pain.

The importance of the lower back to us getting around is critical. The lower back takes the majority of our weight and more so if we lift something. There are certain conditions that occur in time due to aging of the body. Most low back pain problems are preventable with proper posture, lifting, etc.

There are certain spine conditions that are treated by medical doctors which include Ulcers, Scheuermanns disorder, Pancreatitis, Pagets disease, Pelvic inflammatory disease, Ankylosing spondylitis, and Spinal stenosis. You may require surgery and physical therapy afterwards. In some cases, prescriptions are given.

The vast majority of low back pain issues are fully preventable. This class of issues is caused by poor lift technique, bad posture, lack of warm up or stretching before activities. As we age, our muscles lose their flexibility and require more warm up prior to activity. The areas tend to stiffen up after activities causing pain and discomfort later.

The lower back enables us to stand upright. For the spine to accomplish this, it distributes the weight over the length of the spine. Injuries or strains cause the weight (force) to be concentrated in one area. This can over stretch a muscle or tendon causing damage. If the concentration of weight continues, then more damage is done.

Massage chairs have become important treatment instruments in a variety of environments for low back pain. They are used in chiropractic and medical offices for providing therapy to patients. They are also used in physical therapy clinics as part of healing and recovery. They offer a wide range of massage treatments covering the full body along with additional therapies.

A rolling massage is used to provide a traction function with a massage chair. The rolling is performed by rollers located in the back of the chair to target the spine. The patient is reclined back in the chair, and with the use of the patients weight and the angle of recliner, the rollers gently elongate the soft tissues between the discs. This helps to restore flexibility.

Massage chairs are used to deliver full body heat. These massage recliners have heating elements located throughout the chair. They can be used individually to target specific areas or used for the full body. Heat is commonly used to reduce the instance of swelling and help with the flow of blood in the area.

Massage chairs have the capability to apply traction. Traction is used to stretch out a given set of muscles. The rolling massage applies traction to the vertebra in the spine. Each vertebra is individually adjusted as the rollers progress up the length of the spine. Massage chairs can apply traction to the lower body and to the arms and shoulders.

You can find many complimentary therapies being built into massage chairs. One fundamentally important therapy is simply music. Music helps the mind to relax and many massage chairs come with a MP3 player and headphones. You can relax to your favorite music as the massage soothes and relieves your tension.

As you can see the occurrence of low back pain is high considering all of its many causes. Almost everyone will have some incidence of lower back pain sometime in their life. For some the pain will be mild, but for others the pain can be quite severe. It is good to know your options and be educated in your choices. Find the right treatments for your and consult with your physician. Technology advances and massage chairs have become very sophisticated. Consider a massage chair a multi-faceted asset in your long term back care health.

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If you suffer from back pain, then you owe it to yourself to explore what treatment options are available. You want to check with your doctor or chiropractor to diagnose your condition. Some forms of lower back pain can be treated more naturally while others may need surgery. This depends on many factors that your health professional can consult you on directly. Many back pain treatments utilize massage therapy to help assist the healing process. Massage therapy is not necessarily the cure. It is a compliment to your therapeutic needs. Massage therapy can be performed by a massage therapist or in some cases with a massage chair.

Back pain may come from a gradual process. For instance, you work on a computer a few hours a day. You use the mouse and keep your arm under tension. It starts to ache later. This is minor pain. If you are playing sports and through out your back. This is a sudden injury. The sudden injury gets attended to because the pain is overwhelming. On the other hand, we go back to the computer day in and day out. The tension builds in the arm, shoulder and back. Minor back pain accumulates for months or evens years. Do not wait until surgery is the only option; look at some preventative measures that can be taken now.

If you recognize that you are suffering from discomfort associated with back pain, get medical attention. Explain what you feel to your chiropractor and come up with a plan of action. Back pain can be debilitating, so waiting does not cure it. Understanding the causes is an important first step to starting the healing process.

Many of us have built up habits that are now causing the back pain we experience. I know as my stress builds, my shoulders and neck areas get stiff. This starts to cause considerable discomfort as my shoulders and neck start to ache. After speaking with my doctor, I started to realize how I carried my stress and we found some ways to start to reduce the stress by changing my reaction to certain situations. My shoulders and neck would really ache. I have started to change some habits which have started my healing.

In many cases of back pain, there is physical therapy, change of habits and tension relief. Tension and anxiety can be effectively reduced with massage therapy. Massage therapy is wonderful to help relax the mind and work out the stress that has accumulated in the body. There are many massage therapies to assist your recovery. One option you many not be aware of is massage chairs. Massage chairs offer a vast selection of effective massage therapies.

If you have gradual pain and discomfort get some professional attention. You owe it to your family and yourself to not live with the pain. How happy can you be if your back hurts? Life could certainly be better. Check with your doctor and find a course of action right for you. Most likely massage therapy will be a part of our curriculum. If so, explore your options with both massage therapists and massage chairs. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but finding a healthy treatment to get you back to normal is the most important concern.

Seek treatment for your back pain and get relief. Massage Chairs have a tremendous variety of massage therapies. Do not let aches, pains and soreness ruin your day, when a Massage Chair can provide effective daily relief.

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