Every network marketing company claims to offer the best compensation plan ever seen. Not too many company’s can boast of offering a double binary system that includes a total of 9 different ways to get paid. This article is an in-depth look at all of the ways that My Video Talk Distributors make money. The break down of the money is really what most people want to know because the product viability is obvious.

My Video Talk has a Global Rewards Commission Plan that is a unique hybrid plan that combines the best aspects of traditional direct sales with the best of internet marketing.

The MyVideoTalk Business Builder Studio is a complete package which gives you access to ALL the tools available in the powerful MyVideoTalk Studio suite of products; including MyVideoBroadcaster – the most powerful LIVE video broadcasting product in the industry.

My Video Talk state-of-the-art products combined with the rewarding compensation plan translates into your own lucrative, fun and simple Global video communication business.

You Get All this for only $399.90 and $49/month

My Video Talk

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Fast Start Retail Bonuses
Getting started and earning immediate income is simple. A $25 Fast Start Retail Bonus is paid on the sales volume generated by the personal sales of The MyVideoTalk Studio Basic Package and a $100 Fast Start Retail Bonus for the sale of the Business Builder Package. There is no limit to the amount you can earn in Fast Start Retail Bonuses!

Team Builder Bonuses
A $25 Team Builder Bonus is paid on the sales volume generated by the sales of the MyVideoTalk Studio Packages. This bonus is paid to the first Qualified Team Builder above a personally enrolled representative in the line of sponsorship.

Expand your team by personally enrolling new representatives and teaching them to do the same. This kind of duplication can really boost your income, as this income is paid weekly and there is no limit to have many Fast Start and Team Builder Bonuses you can receive – its great incentive to create team momentum.

Executive Leadership Matrix Bonus
Special Executive Leadership bonus ~ As soon as you achieve Executive status you will be paid a $200 Executive Bonus. You receive the Executive Bonus as soon as you help 2 personally sponsored Representatives, one on your left sales team and one on your right team, achieve Team Builder status. More incentive to help others, and to teach them to do the same.

Weekly Team Commissions
*The graph below is based on MyVideoTalk Business Builder Package (180 WSV) for this illustration:

MyVideoTalk Weekly Commissions
In this phase of your business you earn weekly commissions on your growing team. This is where the comp plan starts to get really exciting.

Once you achieve title of Team builder you are eligible to earn weekly team commissions. With the Global Rewards Commission Plan you only need to build 2 sales teams to benefit from the weekly bonuses. Each time your team generates sales volume of 720 WSV (weekly sales volume) on left or right sales team and 360 WSV on the other team, regardless of which team has the greater or lesser volume; you will earn a commission cycle. Each time this happens, you will receive $100 in team commissions plus up to an additional $50 global rewards check match bonus (see number 5).

Each day, our computer searches your team legs for volume that has accumulated as a result of product sales.

Representatives can earn up to $150 every time they create 720 WSV/360 WSV earning up to $5000 per day to reach a potential maximum of $35,000 per week.

Global Rewards Check Match Bonuses
Each week MyVideoTalk takes the sales volume generated during that week and puts it into a special bonus pool. Those representatives who achieve a commission cycle will benefit from this bonus pool by receiving a reward check match bonus of up to 50% in addition to the cycle payout, for a total of up to $150 per cycle ($100 per cycle bonus + $50 per cycle check match bonus).

Monthly Binary Matrix

Our new Dual Core Double Binary Compensation Plan brings a very powerful and lucrative component to the ‘earnings table’. This is absolutely revolutionary in the Network Marketing Industry! Imagine earning monthly residual income simultaneous to building your weekly bonus checks. That’s getting paid over and over again for the work you’ve already done!

Get started and earn true residual income with a 3:6 cycle ratio for your Binary Monthly Matrix , you will achieve a cycle bonus of USD $25.00 per cycle.

Representatives can earn up to $25 every time they cycle based on the monthly product sales up to a potential maximum of $150,000 per month.

Leadership Rewards
At MyVideoTalk, success comes from leadership and your leadership is built on commitment, focus and the level of dedication it takes to assist others. We want to you to be richly rewarded for achieving success in your business. Take a look at these great leadership rewards that you can look forward to and help your team achieve them too. Remember TEAM stands for: Together Everyone Achieves More!

*Simply achieve Leadership Rewards rank title and recognition pin by
earning the stated number of cycles in any one given week.

**To obtain Prizes in the Leadership Rewards Plan, you will need to cycle 4 consecutive weeks and personally sponsor 1 new representative as well. All prizes will start at the Bronze Level and then go forward. You can only receive 1 prize per 4 week period and level prizes are not to be combined.

*** Monthly Binary matrix can not be used for any qualification listed in the Leadership Rewards Bonus Program.

Sales Office Program
When you build a strong team in any one region, it’s really helpful to have a team office to train, show the business to new prospects and hold team meetings and functions. We know that helps build on the momentum you’ve created, and you can take your business to yet another level.

Presidents Weekly Club
Here’s something you’ll really be excited about. We’re here to support your success and reward your efforts.

Achieve $2,000 (USD) in earnings in any one commission period and be awarded the Title of “One Star President’s Club Member” and get special corporate recognition.

Achieve $5,000 (USD) in earnings in any one commission period and be awarded the Title of “Two Star President’s Club Member” and get special corporate recognition and an overseas trip to California.

Achieve $10,000 (USD) in earnings in any one commission period and be awarded the Title of “Five Star President’s Club Member” and get special corporate recognition and an overseas trip to Australia.
Achieve $25,000 (USD) in earnings in any one commission period and be awarded Title of “Ten Star President’s Club Member” and get special corporate recognition and matching Bonus of $25,000 (USD) Award.

*Simply achieve Presidents Weekly Club by earning the stated amount in any given week.

**As soon as you join the club at stated level, earn the special prize associated.
*** Monthly Binary Matrix can not be used for any qualification listed in the President’s Weekly Club Bonus Program

Titles & Definitions:
PSV = Personal Sales Volume ~ The volume accumulated by your personal purchase of products and/or your retail customers sales.

WSV = Weekly Sales Volume ~ The volume accumulated from the sales of all specially bundled/priced product packages. (The MyVideoTalk Studio Packages)

All sales volume generated from sales of the The MyVideoTalk Studio Packages is applied to the Weekly Team Commissions Plan. All sales volume generated from monthly product subscriptions is applied to the Monthly Team Commissions Plan.

GSV = Group Sales Volume ~ Volume accumulated by your teams purchase of products and/or their retails sales.

Active status maintenance ~ To qualify for team commissions and retain group sales volume simply maintain your active monthly subscription. If you do not maintain active status, you will not be eligible to hold volume that you have stored.

Producer ~ When you enroll 1 representative who achieves the title of Active you move up to Producer status. Once you achieve this level you are qualified to hold volume in that particular sales team as long as you remain active.

Team Builder ~ Achieve Team Builder status as soon as you help 2 personally enrolled representatives, one on the left sales team and one on the right sales team, create sales orders of at least 120 PSV. You are then qualified to hold volume in the Weekly Commission Plan on either left or right team as long as you remain active. Maintain your Team Builder status as long as you and your 2 personally enrolled remain active. To maintain Team Builder status in the Monthly Team Commissions Plan, you must remain active with a monthly subscription and your 2 personally enrolled must remain active with a monthly subscription.

Monthly Binary Matrix ~ You will need to initiate a monthly subscription to be active in the Monthly Binary Matrix. Maintaining a rank of Team Builder along with your monthly subscription will allow you to continually earn in the The Monthly Binary Matrix.

My Video Talk offers a very generous compensation plan. Get the marketing skills necessary to generate targeted leads of people interested in the products and opportunity. To learn how you can generate more leads than you can handle, click here to visit »Marenda’s Network Marketing Training.


The unemployment rate is staggering. Every day we hear about more and more people being laid off their job. It’s a said reality.

Own A Business, Own Your Life

“Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.” – Janis Joplin

What would you do tomorrow if you got fired?

Most people would panic. Maybe beg. What about you? Most people are not in a position to walk away from their job and be free of worry, but if you had a profitable home business the world would look very different.

Instead of worrying about getting laid off you could instead give yourself a pay raise every single day, as your business grows. When you have your own Network Marketing business you won’t need to settle for a paycheck that barely covers the bills.

“Network Marketing” means you get to work as part of a team and leverage the time and skills of everyone else. It’s a smart way of growing a home business.

Build A Business That Doesn’t Own You

So many “traditional” business owners get stuck in Maintenance Mode with their businesses. They end up not with a business that serves them but with a business they become a slave to, and they end up even more trapped than they were working for a boss! The same business owners write paychecks every week to all the employees but not themselves, and work 100+ hours a week trying to make their business profitable. This goes on for years, and every day is a struggle.

A Networking Marketing business, on the other hand, has none of these disadvantages. You need no employees, no crazy hours, no premises, and you don’t need to tie your money up in stock. This means almost every penny you make is profit.

Residual Income: Getting Paid Whether You Work Or Not

The main benefit of a Network Marketing business is the potential to get paid a Residual Income.

You work hard to build up your business, and your income will slowly grow into something more significant month after month. Then after a few years your monthly income from your business will be large enough for you to quit your job or retire, and you won’t have to work for money any longer! The income will continue to be paid to you. Your business will be manageable, and will continue to make a profit without you when you are ready to retire.

Best of all… you will have the full support and training of hundreds of people who have been where you are now and become successful enough to quit their jobs. This cuts your training time dramatically. It means you won’t have to invest energy and money into finding out what doesn’t work.

You will have the step by step plan developed for you – you don’t get that in any traditional business! You get to own a business instead of letting it own you.

This means you will be at life-changing income levels sooner than you might think…

“Of all the entrepreneurial opportunities available today, one of the most important is direct selling, also called network marketing.” – Paul Zane Pilzer, Nobel Prize Winning Economist and Author

Your boss does not want you reading this.

The truth is, if you truly took this message to heart, you could fire your boss. Not immediately, but it would happen.

Like most people you probably expect to retire one day, maybe in a few years, maybe in a few decades, but you hope to be able to one day have the retirement income coming in reliably every month as you finally relax and enjoy it.

But something is very wrong with this picture. You’ll be elderly by then! You’ll have the free time, but who wants free time when they’re 65?

What your boss doesn’t want you to know is that your financial freedom is less than 5 years away. You can make it without a boss. It’s more fun too. The traditional plan for an employee is to work for 40+ years, giving away most of their life to completing someone else’s tasks, then relaxing when you’re too old to live the life you dreamed of.

For Network Marketers the plan looks a little different. Set up a business in your spare time that will pay you even when you stop working… then stop working!

Just imagine… where would you be now if you had read this message 5 years ago?

A network marketing business gives you the freedom most people never even glimpse. As your business grows (and you’re helped every step of the way by other people just like you) your income increases. This is income on top of your regular job income, because you don’t have to quit your job to do this. Most network marketers won’t quit their jobs until their business-income overtakes their job-income. Then they fire their boss, walk out, and never look back.

If it takes you 5 years – heck, even 10 years – to eliminate the need for a job, what would you do with your time? Most people would travel more, get serious about their hobbies, volunteer their time to the charities they’re passionate about, learn new skills, visit friends and family…

And yet these same people, with their same wishes, spend their time working for a boss, worrying if they’ll get fired, arriving home late, then flopping down in front of the TV in sheer exhaustion.

Be different. Make your plan. It’s 5 years away.

Getting started in a new venture can be challenging. People brand new to network marketing face a number of challenges daily. Some things are easier than others to deal with. One particular challenge for new network marketers is dealing with rejection. (I’ve been there and done that)

When most people join a business opportunity, they are on fire and excited the first 90 days.

Oftentimes after presenting the new business to family and friends the bubble of enthusiasm gets busted.

It is family and friends that usually say no and give you all the reasons why they think your business won’t work. They mean well, but just don’t share your vision or see the opportunity.

The first thing you need to know is that your friends and family are not rejecting you. While you might be hearing them say No, what they are most likely saying is “Not Right Now”.

Keep in mind, the moment they see you having success in your business they will change their tune. What used to be a firm No, will turn into a strong “Yes, Tell Me More”.

There are a number of proven strategies and techniques that you can implement immediately to cope with this type of rejection. This article will help you through the No’s. Follow these Top 5 Tips For New Network Marketers:

1. Write down your 20 reasons for getting involved with your business. Why is this step so important? Aside from the fact that writing your reasons is like a contract with yourself, it is a stronger reminder when the clouds of doubt roll in and try to burst your bubble of enthusiasm. Maybe your reasons are for your family, to be your own boss, or for financial freedom. Having a written list of why you joined will keep you focused.

“Write it down. Written goals have a way of transforming wishes into wants; cant’s into cans; dreams into plans; and plans into reality. Don’t just think it – ink it!” ~Author Unknown

Your why is more important than your how.

2. Approach your “warm market” as practice only. Every network marketing business tells you to make a list of everyone that you know (your warm market) and to contact them first about your business. When you contact the people on your warm market list tell them upfront and confidently that you really don’t want them in your business and that they are just practice. This takes them off the hook from feeling obligated to take any action, it releases you from feeling rejected, it also peaks their interest because you applied a technique known in sales known as ‘the take away’. By you telling them that you don’t want them in your business, they are more likely to pitch you on why you should.

3. Set your sights on your cold market. The primary reason for this is what you think is your coldest market is actually your warmest market. The Internet is open 24 hours with millions of people that don’t know you from a can of paint. However, by learning basic Internet Marketing you can easily share your opportunity with like minded people who are actually interested in what you have to offer.

4. Go through all of the training that your company has to offer. Participate in conference calls and learn everything you can about your company. And why is this advisable? You need to become an expert in your industry. You should be able to speak with authority about the products, services and opportunity that you are offering. People smell rookie a mile a way. If you don’t know what you’re doing or what you’re talking about why should they buy fom you or join your team?

In addition to learning about your company. You must spend time on your own personal development. Your success will be determined not just by your efforts but your thoughts. It is important you feed your mind good food for thought. Read books by key authors like Napoleon Hill, Robert Kiyosaki, Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy to name a few.

5. Become an Alpha Leader with a magnetic personality. Establish yourself as an Alpha leader by doing the things that Alpha Leaders do. This is one of the most important things that you can do. If you get this right you will have people begging to join your team. The truth of the matter is people do business with people that they like. They are joining YOU, not your business.

If you carefully follow the 5 tips above you can expect excellent results even as a new network marketer. You will be unstoppable on your way to the top… no matter how many doubting Thomases you come across. You will sell more products and sponsor more reps into your organization. If you ignore these tips, you will likely end up a network marketing statistic. The choice is yours.

Learn how to personally sponsor 10-20 reps each and every month and have your prospects literally close themselves on starting your opportunity. Master magnetic sponsoring techniques to become an alpha leader.

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Network Marketing Success

Networking Marketing is an excellent a wonderful business model for creating an additional income stream.

Years ago just the mention of network marketing was a turn off for many people because of the numerous “get rich quick” and pyramid ponzi schemes disguised as network marketing opportunities.

Now people have come to realize and benefit from the legitimate business opportunities available. A little due diligence can go a long way towards ensuring that you find a reputable company that will support you in your efforts of building a profitable network marketing business.

It’s really easy to be sucked in by a fancy flash presentation and big income promises but the real work comes from researching the company, it’s management and it’s financial position before you sign the dotted line and put up your money.

In whatever business opportunity you think about joining, your sponsor should also be an important determining factor. Choose a sponsor that will be able to motivate, support, and help you build your business.

It is very important that you find a company that you really like. In order to truly be successful you have to really believe in the products or services the company offers. You should use the products and services to become more familiar with what you are offering. You need to know firsthand how it works before you can really share them with anyone else.

You should also realize before joining that you may not make a substantial income in the beginning stages. You will have to put in some work. Most people get involved with network marketing in hopes of instant riches with little work. Unfortunately for them they end up quitting before achieving any real success.

Don’t quit your day job. The smart thing to do is to keep your steady income flowing from your regular job. As your business grows and you have a reliable residual income well beyond your take home pay, then decide if keeping your 9-5 or going full time with your network marketing business is right for you.

Another consideration when choosing a company is how it fits in with what you already do. For example, a number of physicians promote Ardyss International nutritional supplements and reshaping garments because it fits in well in their existing practice. They are able to enjoy the extra income and even recruit new distributors among their colleagues.

There are many benefits to joining a network marketing business and when done right it is a powerful source for developing a serious residual stream of income.

Over the past few months I accepted three invitations to companies with Network Marketing Business Models. All three companies are completely different. My favorite of the 3 is Ardyss by far. The Ardyss compensation plan is great!

When I joined Ardyss I was very skeptical about the busines opportunity aspect. I was apprehensive about telling my friends and family. I wasn’t feeling doing presentations or home parties and opted not to.

My thought process was I’ll try the products to see if they work and I’ll give them to family to get feedback. Based on that, I decided to use my internet marketing knowledge on a really small scale to just see what happens.

In all honesty my efforts were minimal.

To my surprise I got an unexpected $577 check in the mail from Ardyss.

Again, having done no parties, no presentations, no hounding my family or friends, and no prospecting… All I did was share my experience with some of the products online and the feedback that I got from people I shared with…and I got a check.

So of course after getting that check I’m ready to put my best foot forward and see what happens with maximum effort!

I’ve joined forces with Top Earners to literally pick their brains on how to be successful in the network marketing industry. Using the information I get from them every week and the power of the Internet I’m building a team of leaders…I’m so excited! The great thing about it is everything that I’m learning and doing is 100% Duplicatable…meaning You Can Do It Too no matter what your experience or background is…Everything I use, do, or get my team gets access to of course :)

My team is a conglomerate of stay at home moms, corporate business people, physical therapists, lawyers, doctors, teachers, college students to name a few. One of the most appealing things about the Ardyss opportunity is its easy. Everyone wants to look good, feel good, and make money. That is the basis of the company and what the opportunity is all about. The products work and they really sell themselves. Its a telling more than it is a selling business. If you want to join my team and/or learn the internet marketing strategies that I use here it is:


If you are conducting MLM and/or Network Marketing business on the Internet, building a constant stream of web site traffic is a vital part of your success. However, as the Internet has a wealth of information, you may perhaps be feeling a bit overwhelmed and not certain where to begin.

Although there are many different ways you can market your web site and create traffic, article marketing is the most effective strategy.

Almost all men and women using the Internet are searching for information particularly free information. People that run websites are continually seeking quality, unique and informational articles they can add to their websites or ezine publications.

article marketing successNetwork Marketers that write articles therefore have an open source of hungry readers and publishers ready to receive their written work. Simply by writing articles you have an opportunity to share your primary business and send targeted prospects to your websites by including links in the the author’s resource box of your articles.

In many cases an article can be written fairly quickly, and can easily be looked at by many hundreds if not thousands of eyes for as long as it stays online.

3 Easy Techniques For Writing Good Prospect Generating Articles:

=>Select Your Title Wisely.

Online readers are especially sucked in by words such as tips, secrets and free. These words indicate a strong benefit to the reader. As a result, making it more likely that your article gets read.

=>Make The Content Interesting.

You clearly ought to know about what ever you want to write about. If necessary, do some research and make a simple outline. This will help you form your article. You do not need to be a literary genius, but check your grammar, spelling and carefully proof read your work before submitting.

=>Link To Your Main Website.

The advantage you have as an article writer is the author’s resource box linking back to your website. Use relevant key words in your link to get the search engines to notice your website. Check that your links are working properly before you submit your work.

More Article Marketing Strategies==>Internet Marketing Success Strategy<==