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Motivational quotes To Help You Feel Good Again.

Ever felt suicidal…Don’t quit on life, it can turn around for the better when you least expect it. Related Blogs Related Blogs on cry

Life Is Like A Cup of Coffee – Inspirational Video Movie

Together we can inspire 1000000 people with this video – please share it with the people you care about! This video combines beautiful pictures, inspiring music, and a touching story to help empower people to live more fully.

A Fathers Love The Most Inspirational Video EVER!

The power of love, determination, pride, committment, hope and faithfulness. There is no greater gift and no greater motivation I could ever give my children or anyone else for that matter. I simply love -LOVE – the implied message of this video.

Senseless Murders In Compton: Stop The Violence

Two people from my neighborhood were killed last night while watching a ball game at Custom City Auto Sales and Accessories in Compton. Our families have close ties. I’m at a loss for words… I didn’t know all of the victims, but one in

Lavish Your Spouse With Gratitude

Having an attitude of gratitude means showering your spouse with appreciation! Need some suggestions on how you can show gratitude to your spouse? It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together every day is filled with plenty of opportunities for you to show the

LOVE, For better or worse I still will choose you first

LOVE, So many people use your name in vain LOVE, Those who have faith in you sometimes go astray LOVE, Through all the ups and downs the joy and hurt LOVE, For better or worse I still will choose you first Hoping your day