“Faith is the substance of things hoped for evidence not seen”… it doesn’t matter what things may look like in your life. Keep the faith & whatever it is you’re hoping for will manifest When You Believe ==>LETS GROW!!!


My New Address

(this was shared with me today and I find it inspirational…enjoy)   ~author unknown I wanted you to be the first to know that I have moved and to give you my new home address: I have moved from Beggars Alley located on Poverty Lane at the corner of Bleak and Busted Circle. As of today,…


7 Women of U Grow Girl!

7 is often referred to as a lucky number. Some say it’s the number of perfection and/or the number of completion. I’m inclined to believe all three and then some. I’ll do my best to put into words the power of 7 women coming together in our monthly U Grow Girl! Circle of Thought meetings….


The Ghetto Birds in Compton

The helicopters were in full effect last night. I don’t know the full scope of what happened last night in my neighborhood, but of course I heard that it was gang related. Its crazy… Like I said, I don’t know what really happened but I’m hopeful that gangsta’s in Compton and around the country will…


High Hopes

Some people say, “I don’t like to get my hopes up.” Nobody likes disappointments and that’s why some people steer clear of having high hopes. Our hopes are our expectations. When we set our expectations low, what then should we expect? It’s ok to set your hopes and expectations high. The Law of Expectation Whatever…


Less Stressing, More Blessing

“What seems to be a great loss or punishment often turns out to be a blessing. I know, through my own experience, that God never closes one door without opening another.” — Yolande D. Herron Too many people spend too much time worrying… WORRY causes STRESS…stress causes DISEASE! Living life abundantly is like becoming an…