Many instructors say that the kettlebell swing is the starting point for all or most kettlebell exercises.

There is something even more fundamental and it is something that most people brush over. I’m talking about the kettlebell deadlift. If you look at the top google searches for how to swing a kettlebell not much is said about the kettlebell deadlift and how it is the foundation of a proper, safe, and effective kettlebell swing.

If you are interested in anti aging, and keeping a relatively pain free, strong and well conditioned body as you age for whatever your sport or activity may be, I suggest learning and doing the following BEFORE jumping into a butt kicking kettlebell swing workout.

The Deadlift: First for a Reason

The kettlebell deadlift, NOT THE SWING, is the starting point of a successful kettlebell career.

It, along with mobility and flexibility training that are built into making a more structurally efficient deadlift is the starting point of “The Ageless Body” in my system. If your deadlift is wrong, everything after will be affected for the worse. Spend time getting this dialed in! It will pay off down the road when you are knocking off sets of kettlebell swings.

Getting your deadlift “dialed in” requires you to understand the HINGE movement. The hinge allows you to learn to move from you hips first and let the knees move as an “after thought”. In other words hips first – knees second. All the while the pelvis and spine remain neutral. It’s worth spending some time with a qualified instructor to guarantee the correct movement pattern to create a stronger, safer and more powerful kettlebell swing.

The key to deadlifting is staying in your own optimal range of motion which means not rounding your upper (thoracic spine) and lower (lumbar spine) back. Improper movement, rounding, of the upper and lower back not only leads to injury, it accelerates aging. Bad posture increases aches, pains, and aging while good posture helps prevents aches and pains, increases strength and helps your body fight aging…

Fitness for Women- Stay Fit and Healthy!

1.    Staying fit and healthy starts with a balanced diet. Know and monitor the right weight for your age. Consult your doctor to learn what food you should avoid and follow your eating discipline routines. If you are trying to lose some weight, foods with high calories should be omitted from your meals. Food with high fiber and low fat should be included a priority in your grocery list instead of red meat, sugars and fats.

2.    Drink plenty of water. Drinking at least eight glasses of water everyday. This cleanses the body from impurities. It is also advised for lactating women to increase water intake to keep the body hydrated.

3.    Take Vitamins and Supplements. Do not forget your Calcium supplement.  Sufficient Calcium intake is beneficial for women of all ages. This has been proven to prevent having cramps and Pre-Menstrual Period (PMS) Symptoms. It also prevents Osteoporosis especially for menopausal women. Vitamin E boosts strong immune system. Women who undergo menopausal period should take Vitamin E-400 as it stops night sweats and hot flashes. Also, Vitamin E is said to be best in avoiding wrinkles when aging.

4.    Quit smoking. If you are smoking, stop. It is also a big ìNOî for pregnant women, as this will affect the health of the baby. Pregnant women who smoke may pass the harmful content of cigarettes to babies through the bloodstream. Recent studies have shown that women smokers are more prone to diseases than men smokers. Women who smoke have a high risk of getting breast cancer. Also limit your alcohol intake.

5.    Incorporate exercises in your daily routine. Take a walk after work, use stairs instead of elevator or play with your kids when you are at home. Home exercises are also effective especially when you do not have time to go to the gym and would like to lose some weight. Yoga and Pilates are only a few of the many effective exercises you can do at home. Exercises help in limiting the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

6.    Avoid stress. Many women are prone to too much stress. Stress has been known as cause to many sicknesses. As much as possible take time to relax. Read a good book, hang out with friends and engage into sports. Pamper yourself by going to parlors or you can do some shopping. And do not forget to get enough sleep to revive your energy.

7.    Use sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Wear hats when under the sun to protect your skin. Too much sun is bad for your skin. The skin is prone to cancer when exposed to too much sunlight. It also speeds up the aging of skin cells, which causes wrinkles to women.

8.    Make sure to visit your dentist to keep that beautiful smile. Always have it cleaned to prevent cavities and bad breath.

9.    Visit your Gynecologist. Women who are eighteen and above should have their Physical Examination annually especially for the Pap Smear test. Women who are forty and up should have their mammograms and the Breast self-exam is encouraged once puberty has been reached and should be a habit as they mature

10.     Safe sex is strongly recommended. Use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

The role of arginine on growth hormone levels

Arginine is an essential amino acid that causes the secretion of growth hormone in the pituitary. A dose of arginine one hours for a building rate of weight lifting training muscle and fat loss. Researcher Sandy Shaw used this protocol by taking 10 grams of arginine before the bench. He lost 25 pounds of fat and got 5 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks on this regime.


Clinical studies have shown that different doses of arginine have various effects. Based on these studies, effects can be expected in smaller doses less than 3 grams. Effects arginine was also a response decrease with age. The GH responses occur in patients with lower body fat composition and maximum aerobic capacity.

This means that the impact of arginine on GH release increases with decreasing fat and body composition with greater aerobic capacity. Arginine works better when you increase your fitness.

Starting doses for arginine as a supplement of 2 to 5 grams on an empty stomach one hour before exercise and before bedtime. Side effects may include upset stomach, nausea and diarrhea. However, these can be minimized by starting at low dose (1 gram) and building slowly.

The effects of arginine on Exercise Performance

Arginine improves exercise performance because it is one of the main ingredients, along with glycine, which goes in the biosynthesis of creatine in the liver. Creatine is important for high-intensity, short duration exercises for muscle building.

This means that arginine provides a double boost in terms of exercise performance by boosting the levels of GH and the synthesis of creatine.

Increased benefits

The positive effect of arginine also strengthen the immune system against cancer, protect the liver, promotes healing of burns and wounds to improve male fertility and sexual renaissance in impotent men. Most of these options to stimulate the secretion of GH. But arginine restores sex, because it is the precursor of nitric oxide, which plays an important role in obtaining and maintaining an erection.

Performance improvement with the addition of amino acids

Bodybuilders get even better results by combining arginine with other amino acids such as ornithine, lysine and Glutamine. This is called a stack. Together these amino acids have a synergistic effect on GH release.

Beginner’s stack is 2 grams of arginine and ornithine and 1 gram each of lysine and glutamine. Advanced stack comprise 2 grams each of the four amino acids. The arginine-lysine-glutamine trio is particularly important because it stimulates insulin levels, even on an empty stomach. The combination of GH and insulin in the absence of food drives the incorporation of amino acids in muscle. When taken before bedtime, this combination also stops the body from breaking down as much muscle tissue as she usually does during a night’s sleep.

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Do you suffer from low back pain? Pain is a symptom of a musculoskeletal disorder occurring in the lower back. The intensity of the pain felt depends on the extent of the disorder. There are numerous causes such as injury or strains to the lower back. Each case involves issues with the discs, ligaments, soft tissue and muscles in the lower back. Treatments vary depending on the extent and area of damage, but one popular therapy is the use of massage chairs to relieve low back pain.

The importance of the lower back to us getting around is critical. The lower back takes the majority of our weight and more so if we lift something. There are certain conditions that occur in time due to aging of the body. Most low back pain problems are preventable with proper posture, lifting, etc.

There are certain spine conditions that are treated by medical doctors which include Ulcers, Scheuermanns disorder, Pancreatitis, Pagets disease, Pelvic inflammatory disease, Ankylosing spondylitis, and Spinal stenosis. You may require surgery and physical therapy afterwards. In some cases, prescriptions are given.

The vast majority of low back pain issues are fully preventable. This class of issues is caused by poor lift technique, bad posture, lack of warm up or stretching before activities. As we age, our muscles lose their flexibility and require more warm up prior to activity. The areas tend to stiffen up after activities causing pain and discomfort later.

The lower back enables us to stand upright. For the spine to accomplish this, it distributes the weight over the length of the spine. Injuries or strains cause the weight (force) to be concentrated in one area. This can over stretch a muscle or tendon causing damage. If the concentration of weight continues, then more damage is done.

Massage chairs have become important treatment instruments in a variety of environments for low back pain. They are used in chiropractic and medical offices for providing therapy to patients. They are also used in physical therapy clinics as part of healing and recovery. They offer a wide range of massage treatments covering the full body along with additional therapies.

A rolling massage is used to provide a traction function with a massage chair. The rolling is performed by rollers located in the back of the chair to target the spine. The patient is reclined back in the chair, and with the use of the patients weight and the angle of recliner, the rollers gently elongate the soft tissues between the discs. This helps to restore flexibility.

Massage chairs are used to deliver full body heat. These massage recliners have heating elements located throughout the chair. They can be used individually to target specific areas or used for the full body. Heat is commonly used to reduce the instance of swelling and help with the flow of blood in the area.

Massage chairs have the capability to apply traction. Traction is used to stretch out a given set of muscles. The rolling massage applies traction to the vertebra in the spine. Each vertebra is individually adjusted as the rollers progress up the length of the spine. Massage chairs can apply traction to the lower body and to the arms and shoulders.

You can find many complimentary therapies being built into massage chairs. One fundamentally important therapy is simply music. Music helps the mind to relax and many massage chairs come with a MP3 player and headphones. You can relax to your favorite music as the massage soothes and relieves your tension.

As you can see the occurrence of low back pain is high considering all of its many causes. Almost everyone will have some incidence of lower back pain sometime in their life. For some the pain will be mild, but for others the pain can be quite severe. It is good to know your options and be educated in your choices. Find the right treatments for your and consult with your physician. Technology advances and massage chairs have become very sophisticated. Consider a massage chair a multi-faceted asset in your long term back care health.

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In order to effectively discuss the topic in the title of this article, we need to talk about a couple of other things. Moreover, while we are going to focus on natural methods to increase production of HGH in the body, many people find that HGH supplements are used entirely as its own strategy, or may decide to combine integrated with other methods mentioned in this article.

People feel much HGH these days, but most don’t really even know what or why things also, much less, although concerned about the increase, decreasing, or take a supplement for it. So, we are going to discuss: what HGH is, why it is important for your health, and why you want to increase naturally … with a supplement or HGH.

Many do not know what it stands for HGH. These initial human growth hormone, a hormone produced naturally by previous pituitary. It’s main function is, as the name suggests, to help the body grow and repair themselves in the natural course of life. Lowest levels of HGH naturally premature aging, loss of lean body mass, lower energy levels, and many other symptoms commonly associated with”getting old “.

As you might suspect, HGH levels are higher in our younger years. As we age, levels tend to begin to decline, with the average decline starting around the age of 20 years, although this sort of thing varies from person to person.

There are a lot of inter-related reasons why this happens, but for now we are more concerned about what we can do to reverse this trend and increase the production of HGH, or at least availability. We are also concerned with being able to increase production of HGH, of course, since this is the most effective way to get our levels of human growth hormone from where we can do something good.

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I don’t often write reviews, but I’ve made an exception in this case. I believe there is more than just hype to the well known abs program ‘The Truth About Abs’. Most ‘lose fat’ information on the web tends to be just a lot of sales copy in front of a gimmicky product or crash diet. The reason I want you to read this whole article is so you can see that there is actually some solid information in this plan, and if followed will change your success with your get fit and stay fit endeavors.

While the book by Mike Geary, “The Truth About Abs”, is branded as a manual to creating 6 pack abs, it’s really much more of a lifestyle manual. The Truth About Abs is an easy to follow guide to changing how you eat and how you exercise in order to achieve the results you have always dreamed of. Mike’s 161 page book is broken down into 3 broad sections which are as follows:

1. An introduction to the program, and general information on what it means to be lean, body fat percentage, what effective abs training is, metabolism, and lean body mass.

2. Workouts, information on how to exercise more efficiently, multi-joint vs single joint exercises, and total body work outs with surprising information on why cardio IS NOT the best way to lose weight; and

3. Diet and Nutrition, including information on blood sugar and insulin, the Glycemic Index, and the thermic (calorie burning) effects of food.

The Truth About Abs training program has two parts : Interval training and Resistance and Weight training. The fitness schedules are easy to follow and are time effective. The program explains how sessions longer than 45-60 are not a good use of your time. The program calls for 3-4 sessions per week, each about 45-6- minutes.

If you are serious about getting a toned body then this schedule should easily fit into your week. You don’t need to be a member at a fancy gym and you don’t really need to have equipment at home. However, Mike suggests having an exercise ball and set of dumb bells at home to most effectively perform the suggested workouts. This basic equipment can easily be purchased for 30-40 dollars and will be worth every penny.

This program advises eating 5-6 smaller meals per day. Mike suggests eating every 3 hours during waking hours. He also suggests that you plan your meals for an entire week, and once per week go shopping only for the items you need for those meals.

There is also a section which explains how to determine your total calorie requirements – along with the more frequent smaller meals, this will help you figure out the total amount of food you should be consuming. This was a great help for me, to know that this is not a fad diet where you are will be hungry over half of the time.

Mike provides meal plans that are easy to shop for, easy to make and very satisfying. These meal plans provide you with more than enough food and you are unlikely to experience any hunger pains. However, you need to be disciplined with yourself and follow the recommended diet plans. One of the first things the book says is: “The nutrition section of this book is vitally important to your success. Let me state this loud and clear… if all you focus on is your training, and your diet is full of junk, you WILL NOT see results! You need to apply BOTH the training strategies as well as the nutrition strategies if you want to make this work.”

If you’ve been thinking of trying to lose weight for some time now, this is a great opportunity to make it happen. Mikes program contains so much information about how to really make your exercise and diet work together, it really is one of the most effective programs available today. You must put some effort in, but he tells you how to make it all work, in the most effective way possible.

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Some you may remember when massage chairs for nothing more than a copy of magic fingers. They only provided vibration massage. Although, vibration is very relieving and penetrates deeply, many other massage treatments have been added to massage chairs. You can now find quite a variety of different and effective massage chair treatments.

Most of us are familiar with the stretching and pulling of muscles. This is usually done by a massage therapist. They are working the stiffer muscles to restore flexibility in relief stiffness. These types of hand movements have been replicated in massage recliners.

There are various technological approaches to providing stretching with a massage chair. Typically, a roller system is used to massage the back shoulder and neck areas. This consists of rocker arms which have rollers on the end of them. These are effective to providing kneading, tapping and other types of massage techniques.

The roller mechanism can perform kneading, swaying, rolling, tapping, gripping and compression massage movements. Each of these movements is typically coordinated in an automatic program. Certain programs have been developed to replicate famous techniques such as Swedish, shiatsu, deep tissue and acupressure.

These software use programs the massage chair is very sophisticated. The typical program runs a full body massage. This activate many different systems in parallel be massage chair.

Another important development in massage chairs is the use of sensors. Some massage chairs have three-dimensional body scan capability. This enables them to make a three-dimensional map of your body. The program then uses your specific coordinates to deliver a perfect massage time.

Compression massage is a very relieving and relaxing type of massage. It provides a firm squeeze to the larger muscles of the body. This helps to release tension and stiffness. The use of compression systems enables massage chair manufacturers to deliver a full body massage capability.

Air massage systems have become very popular in many massage chairs. They are very versatile and can be specifically designed to provide unique motions. Compression massage is an effective technique to relieve tight muscles. The squeezing, holding and releasing of a muscle help to reduce its soreness.

Before you exercise, you should perform some light stretching. Light stretching helps to prepare the muscles for activity. It helps to make them more flexible which can help minimize injury. Massage chairs come equipped with stretching systems for different areas of the body.

Massage chair manufacturers are becoming creative in the use of technology to perform many treatments. Stretching systems are an excellent method to provide great therapeutic benefit. These stretching systems utilize the leg rest and airbag system. These work in tandem to stretch out the lower body.

Many athletes use heat to help reduce swelling. Generally heat is applied after physical activity. It is normally used for short durations to reduce swelling of a specific area and to help but flow. Massage chairs have heaters located throughout different parts of the chair.

Of course, you can still find vibration as an option on most massage chairs. Vibration helps to stimulate the capillary vessels which provides for greater blood flow. It also helps to penetrate deeply through the muscle tissue providing relief.

With so many different massage treatments in a massage chair, a sophisticated remote control is needed. Typically, the remote control contains and LCD screen. This helps to show visually the operations that the massage chair is currently performing. There are also many different buttons for automatic programs and also for manual programming. It is terrific the number of different massage treatments in massage chairs.

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