“Do you love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s what life is made of” – Benjamin Franklin

It’s something they never teach you in school. They don’t devote even 1 single minute to it.

It’s the secret of Passive Income.

Authors understand it. Pop Stars know it. Business owners aim for it. Investors live by it. Property owners love it.

So what is Passive income? The concept is simple. Get paid even if you stop working. Earn money month after month for work you did one time! It’s the secret of the rich.

If you can earn an income that doesn’t depend on you putting in a certain number of hours at work you can have time off whenever you feel like it. You will have achieved what most people never ever get to a achieve in their lifetime: time and money freedom.

Most people either have lots of money and no free time, or lots of free time and no money. In fact, the biggest problem most people have is called “Time Poverty”. Author and Speaker Brian Tracey says “We are short of time in almost every area of our lives.”

The ideal situation you want to achieve is to have plenty of free time, and plenty of money to do with as you wish. This gives you not only the wealth but the lifestyle. Some people think it’s impossible to achieve this kind of lifestyle without a big expensive business or thousands of hours to devote, but this turns out not to be true at all!

You can build a home business with Ardyss International in your spare time, and after just a few years earn enough to quit your job and go full-time (with your business) or even retire. Thousands of people have already done it!

With passive income, also known as residual income, you don’t have to earn $1,000,000 or win the Lotto in order to live off the proceeds. Just like a property owner gets rent payments, or investors get dividends, or business owners have businesses that run themselves, and authors and musicians have royalties, your business will pay you while you sleep too. You can start building your fortune today.

There is nothing like the feeling of checking your bank balance and noticing it has gone up by THOUSANDS of dollars… which you didn’t have to work for at all that month!

This is the smart way to work. Do the necessary work one time, and get paid for it over and over again…

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A preferred network marketing recruiting tool for most people is Facebook.

Facebook is all about networking. It is easy to link up with friends, both old and new and establish different networks of friends depending on the things you have in common with them.

In addition to using Facebook to get in touch with friends, which is what countless people use it for, also you can use it to create specific groups of friends, or to join particular groups or pages that are focused around a particular passion…such as network marketing and the pursuit of success.

Facebook is simple to join and enables members to set up a profile that will shows your friends a complete description of what you are about. One of the aspects of Facebook is the “news feed” that is updated every time one of your friends changes status or does something such as commenting or adding information to their profile. This gives you to keep up with what your friends are dealing with and it shows them as to what you are doing.

To effectively get in touch with other network marketers on Facebook, your smartest choice is to connect with like-minded people through Facebook groups. There are numerous groups on Facebook surrounding this subject. By creating a presence in these groups you allow people the option to get know you and for you to get to know other marketers.

The idea of joining groups on Facebook is to come into contact with other group members. You may learn from them and they could possibly learn from you. A great deal of fantastic ideas and information sharing transpires, and this leads to every participator having additional resources for success. However you ought to go beyond the groups if you want to seriously benefit from networking on Facebook.

Initiate the process of making “friends” with other group members. This can be achieved by going through group list and contacting individual group members to be your Facebook friends. A proven way to accomplish this is to go down the list and basically request each person as your friend. You should send them a message along with your request, which is essential if they don’t already know you. But do not send the exact same message to each person – you will end up blocked for spamming Facebook and risk losing your membership!

As your friend list starts to expand, you will probably want to isolate your friends into lists so you can keep track of them. For instance, you can build a family list. Then you could develop a college friends list, or a church friends list etc., and of course, you will want to build an network marketing friends list. In the long run you will be able to post information on your profile and it will be seen by hundreds of people.

The best part of it is that you have the potential of making new friends each time you add a friend to your list – they all have friends that you will probably want to connect with as well! So you see, networking through Facebook is not difficult to do, and it has the probability for growing your list of connections stupendously!

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