It is impossible to live a balanced, happy, healthy life if our actions and relationships are unhealthy. To begin experiencing and living life abundantly we must identify, confront, eliminate, and/or deal with problem areas, personality traits, certain behaviors, and issues in our lives. This can be a painful process but it is necessary.

When ever our needs consistently suffer or go lacking in order for someone elses needs to be met there might be a problem. If we have to control people and situations or are in constant need of being controlled there might be a problem. If the following characteristics describe you there might be a serious need for assistance:

1. Do you feel responsible for “saving” people?
2. Do you feel guilty when others are not happy?
3. Do you try to fix other people’s problems and neglect your own?
4. Do you get angry when or feel rejected when your advice is not taken?
5. Do you fight for others rights but not your own?
6. Are you unable able to tell people No?
7. Do you believe others are responsible for you?
8. Do you blame your actions on others?
9. Are you ashamed of yourself?
10. Do you blame or berate yourself?
11. Do you fear rejection?
12. Do want things done perfectly?
13. Are you attracted to people that need you?
14. Are needy people attracted to you?
15. Was your family dysfunctional but you deny it?
16. Do you feel safest when you’re giving?
17. Are your needs less important than the desires and needs of others?

Co-Dependency is fairly common and most often stems from being mistreated or unfairly used during childhood by adults. There are ways to overcome co-dependency and live life abundantly. The first step is recognizing the problem and then focusing on the solutions.