The Rise of Conscious Creation

What are you creating in your life? If someone told you that you could create better life for yourself would you believe them?

Conscious creation is the act of making conscious effort to create the life you want. It does go deeper than just changing your life, however. Conscious creation actually refers to the very act of creating your own reality.

One of the tenets of conscious creation is that we each have a separate reality that other people don’t know or really understand. And that each of us has the ability to create that reality into anything we want it to be. Sounds crazy right?

Every day when we get out of bed, we set into motion the creation of a certain reality, good or bad. And through conscious, also sometimes called deliberate, creation, we can shift that reality in either a better or worse direction.

At the roof of this belief system is the idea of channeling. This can be interpreted two ways. Some use it to mean channeling your own deep-seated ideas and desires, while others see it as channeling other spirits or entities that have some sort of knowledge to impart. Many use it to mean both types of channeling. How you interpret or use it is up to you.

Also at the heart of this conscious way of living is the belief that we all create our own reality, even though we don’t realize it. So that when something bad happens to you, it was actually your choice to have that thing happen. This is very difficult concept to follow or grasp for most people… Not everyone accepts this particular aspect.

If you are born into poverty for instance or you suffer serious illness, many hardcore believers in conscious creation will tell you that you made those choices, even before you were physically born onto the earth, to experience poverty or illness. But that by gaining control of your reality, you can change things and bring what you want into your life, whether it’s health, prosperity or overall happiness.

Through the act of deliberate creation, you start each day with a goal.
Rather than the goals you might wake up to now like getting the kids to school on time or completing a project at work, you look at the bigger picture. Those will still be part of your goals of course, your daily life must continue. However, you will choose different goals that will help define your reality.

The first step in creating your own reality is through your beliefs. Let’s say that right now you believe that most people are selfish and only out to get what they can for themselves without regards to other people. Your belief is creating that reality in your life, so most people in your life will be just this way.

If you shift your belief to one that says that most people are good at heart and want to do the right thing, most people in your life will fit that description. If you believe that you will never get out of debt, you probably never will. But if you wake up each day using conscious creation to believe you will get out of debt, you can make it happen.

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