Share is Caring!

We always envision hunger as a problem that occurs outside of our borders. When we imagine hunger, images of poor countries in Africa or Latin America typically flash in our minds.  In reality, one of the most significant hunger battles is happening here, on our own turf.

17 million American children will go to bed hungry tonight and a total of 47 million of us are hungry.

You ask yourself, how could this be true?  We are the richest and most powerful country in the world.  How could our kids be hungry?  How come we don’t talk about this problem openly?  Why would our government allow this to happen? Why do we hide it?

These are all great questions…  Yet, there does not seem to be any capitalized industry solving Hunger.  There are no magic pills or prescriptions. And there are definitely no scientists researching a cure.

Hunger seems to affect people of all demographics.  The last few years of our tough economy have caused many Americans to lose their jobs, homes and even their abilities to feed their families.  Hunger affects people you know, people that look like you, people that work with you and pray with you… but you’d never know because they hide it behind their pride. Look around you, it’s likely someone you already met today. Was it the man who handed you your dry cleaning this morning? Was it the lady who sat beside you on the bus? The boy who plays with your son on the school yard? Or could it be your coworker?

What if I told you there is a solution and it does not cost you anything?  What if I can show you a way of how, together, we could win this fight?

There is a solution and it’s simple, what if, every time you ate out, a person in need was also fed, and it cost you nothing? TangoTab donates a meal to the hungry, every time you dine out using their free service.

How many times did you eat out in the last week?  If you are like most of us, you have probably consumed almost half of your meals at restaurants.  According to the National Restaurant Association, over the last 40 years, we have changed our dining habits and doubled our consumption of meals at restaurants.

The average American eats out over 4.8 times per week.  That’s almost one Billion meals per week.

It’s that simple… At TangoTab, you get great offers at your favorite restaurants, and a meal is provided to the hungry. You don’t have to change your habits and you don’t have to spend any additional money.

TangoTab is a website that provides great restaurant offers. Membership is free, no pre-purchase is required and the offers change throughout the day.  For every offer claimed, TangoTab feeds someone in need by donating a meal to a local food pantry. Already serving Dallas, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, TangoTab is coming to Oklahoma City, Toronto, and soon a city near you.

While hunger may not be easily curable, together we can make a difference. Sign up today and join the movement for the fight against hunger at or via the new iPhone app.  Remember, “When you eat, they eat.”

Together, we are the cure… Join. Feed. Inspire.