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Colon cleansing is a procedure that is intended to clean toxins from the intestines and colon. This cleanse, also referred to as colon therapy, can be completed through colon irrigation or by taking dietary supplements. Both types of cleanses perform the same function of removing feces and toxins that reside in the intestines and colon. Colon irrigation offers immediate results. Colon cleanse supplements can take up several weeks to completely flush the toxins from the intestines. The type chosen depends on the desired results and goals.

There are several benefits to having a colon cleanse. These benefits are often the reason that someone might choose to undergo this procedure, whether it is through a colon irrigation or by taking supplements. A colon cleanse flushes out built up fecal matter to make the abdominal region feel better. You might notice an immediate weight loss and shrinkage in the stomach area after an irrigation cleanse. Weight loss might be easier after the completion of the cleanse by flushing out toxins and getting the intestines functioning normally. A person might also notice a decrease in cravings of bad foods that hinder weight loss.

The reduction of toxins and chemicals in the body after the cleanse causes some people to feel an increase in energy. A clean and toxin-free digestive tract promotes the absorption of healthy vitamins and nutrients in the body. The results of healthy nutrients in the body might cause an increase of energy and reduce the feeling of sluggishness. More energy is a desirable benefit and one of the top reasons someone might choose to undergo a colon cleanse.

It is possible for a colon cleanse to reduce illness and the occurrence of colon cancer. While there is no scientific proof on this benefit, it is believed that the cleanse helps improve the immune system. The thought is that a healthy and functioning immune system wards off disease and illness to keep the body healthy.

At-home colon cleansing is available as a dietary supplement or as a colon irrigation. The dietary supplements are often taken for either nine days or 21 days, depending on the desired outcome. Colon cleansing through an irrigation is available as an at-home kit that you can do every 30 days. Flushing the intestines and colon more often is considered risky as it might remove too much of the good bacteria present in these organs. It is possible to also get this procedure completed at a health spa or doctors office. Choose the type of cleanse that best fits your needs and comfort level.