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Facebook advertising can be costly and confusing to any new business owner and with an ever-changing platform free marketing methods can be equally hard to master.

The demands and restrictions placed on users who try to add too many friends too quickly, drop links in Groups and on Pages and network just that little bit too aggressively can take even the most energetic of marketers and turn him or her into a walking zombie.

Plus, with so many distractions, so little time and what feels like so much to do, sometimes even the best intentions can go down the drain and without the right guidance you quickly find your business plan heading the same way. So, whether you’re driving facebook traffic to the local pizza joint or building your own brand in the home business or network marketing niche, chances are you’ll need a little guidance to help you on your way.

Marketing on Facebook can and should be fun but don’t forget to take care of business first or you’ll soon find your time is being wasted and your marketing ambitions are watered down! Follow the steps below and learn to use Facebook in the right way and pretty soon you’ll find a whole new meaning to the phrase social marketing.

So, to avoid feeling the pain of Facebook PPC or the wrath of Zuckerberg’s virtual Alcatraz here’s a simple guide to keep you out of trouble and in profit when building your business on Facebook. This article will provide you with three simple steps to stay focused, get the job done quickly and get in profit without losing your mind or your credibility marketing on Facebook.

How to create a powerful and profitable Facebook marketing campaign to take your business ambitions and turn them into a reality:

Time – Dedicate a set amount of time each day to focus on money-making activities. If you don’t know what these are then here’s a clue; generating leads, talking to prospects and making sales. Any other activity is surplus and should be put on the long finger until these three tasks have been achieved.

Money – Don’t waste your advertising budget on random Facebook ad campaigns unless you can track their return on investment. Facebook allows you to set up and manage highly targeted demographic marketing campaigns and you need to know how to do this effectively before putting your credit card on Mark Zuckerberg’s dinner table.

Energy – We all like to waste a little time every once in a while but if you’re spending your days drifting through Facebook groups and pages with little to no focus, chances are you’ll soon see your energy levels and enthusiasm for the site sinking. Keep your mind and your marketing fresh and you’ll see much better results.

There are many ways to use social networking sites such as Facebook for business but when all is said and done, Facebook is just another tool to help you reach your goals. Don’t let yourself get dragged into the darkness and try to keep focused on what matters; building your brand the right way. Do this consistently and you’ll have achieved a lot more than the majority of marketers ever do on Facebook.

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Neil Ashworth is an ex-Pro Soccer player, turned blogger who lives in the mountains of West Cork, Ireland. He is also the creator of Article Magick; a high quality content creation, syndication and Viral Blogging System.