Five Ways to Become More Productive

Hard work equates to increased chances of success. And if you really wish to achieve great things in your life, then you ought to work hard. But you see, being a hard worker is not only enough.

You need to be highly productive and being productive means that you make proper use of your time, by doing and working at things that will bring you closer to your goal. This article aims to show you five great ways to be more productive.

Set goals for yourself. It is always important to have goals. If you want to get somewhere and be somebody, it important to set goals that you will work for. It is also nice to write a schedule that will help you achieve the bigger picture. Writing a time table is good because it will guide you through your day-to-day activities efficiently. So that you can make sure that you have all your tasks covered and that you do no miss anything in your agenda, having a written schedule is good. You can refer to it and never lose track of what it is you are supposed to do for the day.

Prioritize. It is very important for you to know your priorities. In a day, you can probably think of dozens of things to do, but you should know which ones are most important and which ones are worth putting off until the next day. You can make a list that will arrange things according to highest and lowest priority so you do not end up doing the things that are down the list, just because they are the easier to do. Do what is most important first, so you can accomplish more at the end of the day.

Stop doing unnecessary things on the Internet. The internet is a great creation but a lot of hours get wasted online. With social networking sites eating up hours of precious time, it is important for you to be able to determine how much time is enough for your daily Internet use. It is best to set rules for yourself, especially if you are just starting out. Eventually these rules and protocols will be in your system, and you will no longer be online longer than necessary.

Be flexible. Even if you try your hardest, there will be problems that will come up, all of a sudden, and when this happens, you have to always be prepared for these. A lot of people get disoriented when something comes up, and will need to recollect themselves before they can move on, which is not really a good way to deal with it. You need to be prepared for change, to be able to cope effectively with anything that comes your way, good or bad. Every moment you waste worrying is time lost, so know how to easily cope.

Be proactive. Take responsibility and do not be afraid to accept challenges. When you begin a task, strive to tackle it positively so that you will always be in your best form. Some people detest new challenges because they are not prepared. Instead, embrace it and think of it as new opportunities to shine and show off what you can do.

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28 thoughts on “Five Ways to Become More Productive

  1. doing unnecessary things on the Internet is the one im most guilty of, wouldnt be surprised if only 10% of my online time was spent doing something usefull.

  2. I agree. Most of the time I am wasting time on the internet! It is just too darn interesting with all of the articles, blogs, etc to read…

  3. Highly revealing many thanks, I do believe your audience may very well want considerably more writing like this keep up the good effort.

  4. You couldn't be more right about eliminating the unnecessary things on the Internet. All too often the "intended" 5 minute break turns into much longer, and you can't get that time back. And for me, I set realistic, prioritized lists, and I've learned to not agree to unrealistic timelines. You know your schedule better than anyone, so if you truly know you can't meet a deadline because of other things already on your plate, you can't be afraid of saying…I can't have that done today, but I can get that to you on (insert realistic day here).

  5. In order to become more productive it is an essential to get rid of all distractions and interruptions, so it means to spend less time with social media, because it is the biggest time waster.

  6. Working hard and harder is one great thing all should focus on, nothing comes easy and if one need to achieve great things then he/she needs to be well organize and think difference. Internet is one good place but most of people waste a lot of time without doing something constructive.

  7. I think the advice you give here is very good and clear. And that's exactly what it needs to be when you are looking to be more productive. I think at the start of each day you should prioritise everything you have to do that day and, if possible, even ignore emails until you have completed every task. This means that you won't be getting sidetracked every time you have a read of a new incoming email. I agree with Susan too – a lot of people certainly spend a lot of time doing what is essentially nothing on the internet! I'm guilty of it too

  8. Geat post with great suggestions that we can all learn from. Goal setting and priortizing should be complusory to life.

  9. Sooo many people are too afraid to take risks, even risks that have no consequences. It's pretty ridiculous actualy, some people are even afraid to apply to the job interview of their life… good post

  10. I found that setting time to finish a task works for me, instead of procrastinating I have 1 hour to write an article and after time runs I don't give myself permission to continue work on it. So, if I want to finish the work I need to sit, write and pay no attention to distractions.

  11. I agree with your article especially the idle time spent on these social networking sites. Time is something you can't get back so it's best to limit the amount of time you engage in these activities. I find that preparing a list the night before of things I need to accomplish keeps me more on target.

  12. I would like to add that Proper analysis and tracking of every stage is also essential.You should always be able to confer that you're going in a correct direction with proper strategies and plans.

  13. I like your productivity tips. I will definitely give a try to all of it.I just want to add that vision and drawing clear goals is like treasure's map,while commitment is the fuel of life…Thanks for sharing.

  14. I agree with you I spend most of my time on the internet and it's totally wastage of my time. Now i ll try to do some other work to increase my productivity.

  15. Thanks for the tips. I definitely fall into the trap of procrastinating on the internet a lot, I think we all need reminding of just how much time we waste without goal-setting and prioritising!

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