Are YOU in Control of Your Life?

“When it has to do with my life, I want to be the one in control.” —Janet Jackson

What does it mean to be in full control of your life? Well, it is very much like driving a car. It does not matter what car you drive. It could be luxury car or a small beat-up second hand automobile; it could be manual or automatic transmission, it does not matter. When you are in a car, who is on the driver’s seat?

Do you have a driver who takes you to places? Do you take your seat at the back of the car, tell the driver where to go and just close your eyes trusting that he will bring you to where you are supposed to be?

Maybe you are a passenger in someone else’s car, and you do not even know where you are heading to. You take your seat and watch the outside world change as you speed past it.

Are you in the driver’s seat but someone else is giving you directions? A mere operator, you hang on to your companion for the turns to make. You know where you want to go, but you do not know how to get there, so you let this person take the lead.

Do you have full grip of the wheel, the gas, the breaks, the cloth and the gears? You are the one who decides on whether to taker right or left, and you decide on whether to take the shortcut or not.

Which one are you, when you are in a car?

Are you reliant on a driver to take you to your destination? Sometimes you get there, sometimes you don’t. Probably because you have fallen asleep at the backseat and failed to warn the driver making that wrong turn so you missed your destination. What is sad about it is that these people rely on other people not realizing that they have this amazing opportunity to take a good hold of their journeys. They decide to let go of their power and let other people do the work for them.

Are you the passenger? Since you do not know where to go you are content with just sitting at the passenger’s seat and riding someone else’s dream. All your individual aspirations are forgotten, because you are too afraid to take the wheel on your own. You let go of all your hopes and dreams hoping that maybe this journey you are on will lead you there. You are afraid to take risks, so you take the safest route to somewhere. Unfortunately, you really do not know where this road will lead you.

Are you dealing with a backseat passenger who seems to know the road more than you do? You are overpowered by this person’s presence and you just let yourself be controlled because life is easier when you are not in charge. The blame is not on you, so you take your seat and decide to be a follower.

Are you the driver of your own life? Do you make all the decisions? You know you could get lost along the way, but you also know you can turn back and try again. You know there are risks to take, problems to encounter. There is no guarantee that this journey will be smooth but you know that what is most important is the chance to take charge of your life. You want to get to the top on your own accord and you want to lead yourself to success.

Are you in control of your life? Whose hands control the wheels? Whose command was it when you turned right? Hopefully, it was yours.

~ Living Life Abundantly

7 thoughts on “Are YOU in Control of Your Life?

  1. Thank you for the reminder. Too often people, myself included, let external factors dictate the direction of their life. Suddenly you feel unhappy or discontent, and the common reaction is to complain and place blame on all these various external factors. Developing confidence and trust in yourself is not an easy thing to do, but it's a powerful thing to accomplish. It's a great feeling to be behind the wheel, directing which turn YOU want to take. Great article!

  2. Nice posted topic you've shared to your readers. I really enjoyed reading the whole story. Anyway, whether we wanted its hard to make that happen even in our selves. But its not wrong to do your best to control how your life will gonna be. Cheers!

  3. When you focus on what you can do to create what you want, you take back the power. Your intent brings you the knowledge, the awareness and the energy to create what you want. Everything that happens can be traced back to intent.

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