Share is Caring!

Have you ever been asked “If I can show you a way to make an extra $500 to $1000 a week, would you be interested?”

Maybe someone has said to you, “Wow, you have such a great personality and I’m looking for someone just like you to expand my business.”

Maybe you’ve read an advertisement stating: Stay In Your Pajamas! Make a second income without having to get a 2nd job.

All of the above are examples of widespread ways used to approach people about network marketing businesses.

There are two standard ways that you can introduce your business to prospects:

1. Lead with your product to create a strong customer base of people that can be converted into team builders based on their experiences with the product.

2. Lead with your opportunity to build a large network of productive team builders to exponentially grow your business.

If your priority is to first build a customer base you need to be quite familiar with the products and have clear understanding of the benefits, features, and uses. This is commonly referred to as “becoming a product of the product.” This is important because in your every day activities you must carefully listen to everyone you come in contact with for opportunities to suggest your products. The more personal testimonials you have to draw from, the easier it will be for you to discuss your products with people who can benefit the most from them.

network marketing approachBy way of example, in standard conversation someone may mention that they are on a diet or trying to lose weight.

If your company has something that can help with weight loss, this is your golden moment to propose your products. In that same conversation that same person may mention that they need to make some extra money.

You now have the perfect circumstance for sharing your products and business opportunity. The key is listening. You must be a great and attentive listener! Let people talk. The more you listen to what people have to say, you will begin to observe that they will give you the green light to approach them with your network marketing business.

If your main objective is to build a huge team, in addition to becoming a product of the product and a good attentive listener, you must learn and master the art of getting people to approach you as an alternative to the other way around. To achieve this you need to establish your reputation as a trusted expert in your field and properly create an online presence that continuously leads prospects and customers directly to you.

This is commonly referred to as Attraction Marketing and you can learn step by step exactly how to use it to sponsor 25-30 reps into your business every month free Network Marketing Training