A Guide to Eating Healthy at a Restaurant

Eating out at a restaurant is a pleasurable experience as far as getting waited on and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere. But the other side to it is that it can wind up being more fattening than just enjoying a meal at home.

There’s nothing wrong with letting a restaurant cook for you – as long as you do some thinking ahead and special requesting when you order.

Here are some tips to keep in mind for a healthier meal out:

Choose a healthier restaurant – Try going to the places that advertise healthier menu choices.  Some restaurants have special sections on their menus specifically for low calorie or low fat food choices. Don’t be afraid to speak up and request something off the menu.

Dressing on the side – Salads are healthy choices, but some places put too much dressing on their salads, which can cost you unnecessary calories and fat. Simply order the dressing to come on the side and you can control the amount that goes on to your salad.

Choose places that cook with olive oil – Most restaurants will cook with fattening butter, because it’s less expensive for them than healthier olive oil. Don’t be afraid to ask whether a restaurant uses butter or olive oil to cook with – and request that your meal be prepared without lard or butter.

Omit items – If you just have to have that juicy burger, consider ordering it without the cheese, bacon or mayonnaise (or even the bun)!  Sometimes, omitting the cheese alone can save you as much as 25g of fat.

Avoid Buffets – The foods that you see in the buffets are ones the restaurants can easily make in bulk. These usually turn out to be fattening fried foods or pasta dishes. If you think you can easily steer clear of the fattening items and stick with healthier salads and foods, then go ahead and enjoy the buffet!

There’s nothing wrong with eating out once in awhile as long as you don’t overdo it. Don’t just watch what you order, but consider the size of the portions, too.  Ask for a to go box right when your food comes and put half of the food in it for you to eat as leftovers the next day.

4 thoughts on “A Guide to Eating Healthy at a Restaurant

  1. Great tips for healthy eating at restaurants! I also usually try to just drink water to avoid the sugar in most other drinks. I agree that the trick is to keep the portion size down. We get such large dishes here in the US! As you say we should just take some home with us. Sometimes what I'll also do if going out with a group is to actually eat something healthy before heading out to a restaurant. That way I feel full and will not eat so much. Thanks!

  2. I think once in a while everyone deserves to go to a restaurant and eat what they like without being bothered about the weight gain. I mean, if someone lives a normally healtihy lifestyle and eats right every day then 1 night of indulgence wont kill you!

  3. Good Advice. Unfortunately we eat out too much and then we splurge because we spend so much money we want to get our moneys worth and not waste any of it. Eating out is making American's Fat

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