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Senseless Murders In Compton: Stop The Violence

Two people from my neighborhood were killed last night while watching a ball game at Custom City Auto Sales and Accessories in Compton. Our families have close ties. I’m at a loss for words… I didn’t know all of the victims, but one in particular I have many memories of… most of us around here called him by his nick name, Bird. The house where I live…many years ago (when I was a kid) was like the neighborhood hang out and he was one of the many people that would be here. To hear that he was killed is just heart breaking and sad. My deepest condolences and prayers.

It is my hope and prayer that the violence in Compton will cease. It is my hope and prayer that the entire Compton community will heal, rise above, and show LOVE for one another. STOP THE VIOLENCE!

R.I.P. Bird


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