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Boosting adrenaline levels can be very desirable as this gives you more energy and can create a great workout. Ultimately the more energy you have then the greater ability you have to burn calories. Most people also may want to boost their adrenaline levels in order to get through the day or to help them out when they are feeling tired. The human body gets energy from food so your diet plays an important role for adrenaline levels.

By eating healthy foods you can keep your adrenaline levels high which in turn will give you higher energy levels. So you will feel good and be active for longer. The best foods are those that contain complex carbohydrates and lean protein, keeping fat levels low. Complex carbohydrates take longer for your body to process, giving a more sustained energy boost rather than an immediate sugar rush.

The reason that healthy foods provide the most energy is because they have a lot of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. You can also use supplements to get more of a specific compound that you may require. There are also supplements that are designed to boost your energy.

Caffeine is very effective at increasing your adrenaline as caffeine works directly on your central nervous system. It is a catalyst for your adrenal gland and increases your production of adrenaline. The recommended does to increase adrenaline for exercise is 100 to 300 mg. Green tea is a source of caffeine as is coffee and other soft drinks.

There are many sports drinks that are designed to specifically give your adrenaline levels a boost. Most times the main ingredient is caffeine but they also contain other herbs and supplements that are known to increase energy though other ways. Be careful to read the ingredients as the other major part of many of these is sugar.

If you want to boost your adrenaline levels naturally then just exercise. It sounds simple because it is! Exercise raises your adrenaline levels without taking a supplement or relying on caffeine or other “energy boosters” to artificially raise your levels. The chemicals it releases are called endorphins, which have the side effect of making you feel happier.

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