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Making money through affiliate and CPA marketing has always been a great way to make extra money and there are a lot of companies that offer great opportunities to make it in this business, but affiliate marketing has become a very tight business to get into. That’s because there are a lot affiliate marketers who are fighting for the same phrases, keywords and the same customers in a very limited market. Because these marketing strategies are so saturated, it can be quite a challenge to make any money in affiliate marketing now.

Reacting to this, marketers have been considering taking their skills for online marketing and translating them into the offline world. More and more business are in need of people with internet marketing skills to promote their businesses, and internet marketers know this. Smart online marketers figure out which markets have the highest need with the least competition, so that they can make money easier.

That’s where the Offline X Factor comes in to play. The Offline X Factor is a new course offered by professional online marketers Eric Louviere and Jack Mize, and includes a membership type website. Offline X Factor offer its members instructions, mentoring, and support for those who are trying to get a grip on the complicated world of internet marketing, so that they too can make money by working for an offline business. Louviere and Mize will teach you easy ways to make a five-figure-per-month income by providing internet marketing knowledge to service various nearby businesses.

The lessons that Louviere and Mize have created are easy and simple to reproduce and you should be able to get your internet marketing services business up and running quickly. By doing what they teach you and following the business model that they have already put into place, you should be able to make money quickly and with far less effort than you did when you were marketing online.

There are seven modules that make up the Offline X Factor. The following outlines these modules in detail:

Module 1 is about how to get offline customers. This lesson will give you all of your marketing tools, your business cards, how to make postcards and will give you the presentations you will need when you present this idea to local businesses.

Module 2 shows how to use the internet for offline business marketing by taking advantage of the major search engines freebies that hardly anyone else is using.

Module 3 teaches how to find out secrets to maximize the local directories’ potential for boosting business for your clients, using new-found effective methods that haven’t been overused.

Module 4 is all about more exposure! This lesson will teach you how to create just the right marketing scheme for your new clients by creating a marketing campaign that costs nearly nothing.

Module 5 demonstrates how you will source social media and blogs that will give your local clients new prospects.

Module 6 explains how videos can help boost your clients’ interest in your services. This information is extremely valuable, and this particular module discusses a lot of things that are barely covered by other courses.

Module 7 demonstrates how to troubleshoot any technical issues you may encounter without having to understand techie lingo. By learning these very important lessons, you are ensuring that if you do run into any technical difficulties you won’t have to waste money paying someone else to fix it for you.

The Offline X Factor is a full course that will teach you how to use the internet marketing skills that you already have and move them into a newer, more lucrative market; or even take the uninitiated beginning marketer and show them how to bring in a greater income by starting a new business!

Check out a full review of Offline X Factor if any of this sounds attractive to you. Here, you’ll find your honest, uncensored and complete review of the Offline X Factor program, which discusses both the advantages and the limitations of this system.

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