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Did you know that poor work conditions can lead to more upper arm fat? Although this may sound ridiculous, research has shown this to be true.

How do we know? Because of the Whitehall studies conducted in Britain. You see, everyone in Britain has access to the same healthcare. So these studies showed that it was work conditions that led to changes in exercise, diet and weight gain.

And here is what can make your work place an upper arm fat haven:

1. Lack of control. Not being in control is a primary cause of work related stress. And the stress causes your body to secrete hormones which lead to more arm fat accumulation.

2. Tension. Does your neck get stiff? Do you feel tense? Uptight? Too much tension in the workplace is a recipe for disaster. Seek out a more comfortable environment within your workplace. If this isn’t possible, you may want to start looking…

3. Clarity of given tasks. If the work you are supposed to do is unclear, stress will rise. Ask your superiors for more clearly defined work. State how your productivity will increase and never point fingers. After all, finger pointing will only increase work-related stress.

4. Were you are on the totem pole. Unfortunately, lower ranking jobs lead to more weight gain and poorer nutrition-according to the research. So I would suggest looking for things you can do outside of work where you can assume a more dominant role. Doing so can help offset the negatives.

5. Having a mono-identity. Don’t let your work define who you are. When things are going good you will feel good. But anytime something goes bad you will get flooded with all those stress hormones. Subjecting yourself to this emotional roller coaster is unnecessary.

Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do here. If your job is becoming a true nightmare despite all your efforts, you may have to find a different workplace. If this isn’t possible within your company, you may have to find a different job! Then you may notice that the upper arm fat comes off a little easier!

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