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Do you really want to figure out how to lose more arm fat? Are you getting enough sleep each night? Most women know that sleep is important for recovery and repair.

However, sleep plays a more important role in your quest to lose arm fat: it dictates how hard everything seems. How? Because sleep is responsible for replenishing hormones that control your mood.

In a nutshell, not getting sleep translates into perceiving simple tasks as insurmountable obstacles. Not good for someone wishing to maximize arm fat loss.

In essence, although sleep plays an important role in physical recovery, I believe its most important role lies in the effect it has on your mind.

So here are some tips on how to get more sleep so that you can lose more arm fat:

1. Use a light box. The amount of light that indoor lighting provides is dismal. Thus, your body’s internal clock may think it’s in complete darkness all day. This will prevent it from a establishing a regular and replenishing sleep schedule. The solution? Use a light box.

2. Increase the heat. Of your body! The higher your core temperature gets during the day, the deeper you’ll sleep at night. It’s not the type of activity that’s so important, rather it’s how hot you get when doing said activity. My recommendation: exercise with intensity. This will also help you lose arm fat quicker.

3. Don’t overdo it with caffeine. A little caffeine is great, a lot of caffeine is horrible. You see, caffeine can decrease the quality of your sleep without you knowing what’s going on. Thus, you could get a full night’s sleep, wake up tired and be clueless as to what happened. The solution? Have the smallest amount of caffeine possible for maximum effect.

4. Shut down the thought factory. You need to do this at least one hour before bed. You can’t expect to just transition into a sleeping state within minutes. You need an off ramp period. Fiction and fantasy movies that do not arouse emotion can help here.

Learning how to lose arm fat requires learning how to sleep well. If you are not getting a full night’s sleep, losing arm fat will be extremely hard. Not only will it mess with your mood, it will also decrease recovery and make you hungrier the next day. So start getting some sleep so that you can finally have the sexy arms of your dreams!

Katherine Crawford MS, a Harvard exercise expert and recent arm fat sufferer, is an expert on arm toning exercises. Unlock how to get sexy and toned arms now by exploring her blog on upper arm exercises.