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Investing and investments are usually if not seen as a “risk versus benefit” analysis structure. Some people live to gamble , others live to invest. Look at the long lineup at the information booth at your local shopping mall. These people put their hard earned money down gladly for a chance at the big one “the lotto” , the Irish Sweepstakes or the state or provincial lotteries. Yet if asked these same “investors” would scoff at the concepts of making their life’s fortune on forex – foreign currency trading.

In business and investments , money is always changing hands . What goes up and some point goes down. Buy low and sell high is the refrain. This is the whole point of the exercise – to buy specific currencies when they are being sold at a lower rate than would be expected and sell these same holdings either at a higher value at a given point in time , and yet at other times to even dump holdings before times get even worse for the party in question. No trader can ever be right 100 % of the time , just as no stock broker can be unfailingly accurate each and every trade. It is a numbers game overall – the winner picks the best and wisest choice in the highest percentages of trades. Its a simple as that.

Generally a smart forex trader will use both forms of analysis when operating in the currency markets. Interestingly the world renowned British financial magazine “The Economist” uses a scale of McDonald’s hamburgers and their comparative pricing around the world , back to a standard reference point as to the relative value of foreign currencies vis- a-vis each other. The method has been more than criticized in the staid world of international finance yet the Economist’s ledger seems to be remarkably accurate in its statical record and history.

Currency markets are heavily influenced by news happenings. A change of political fortune or an election can change the value of a currency. A storm or natural disaster can do the same. Forex trading has the potential for large gains, but conversely there is the risk of large losses. If you enter the forex speculation Market you need to be clear what your risk profile is.

There are ways to protect you in such a volatile market such as stop loss trading. This is where you set a lower limit below which you do not want to pass and if the currency pair drops below this your trade will be made, there by protecting you from any further drop in the currency value.

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