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“Oh brother, there he/she goes again, snoring like a dragon and I can’t get any sleep. I have to go to work tomorrow and how can I function if I have to listen to that snoring all night.” How many of you have been in that position where you just can’t tolerate your partner’s horrible snoring anymore? This has been going on for eons and it is usually the male partner that is the culprit and the female has to suffer the noise and sleeplessness, or move to another room. But, there is help. On the market today are devices called anti snoring pillows that can help the problem tremendously.

Usually your sleep is interrupted by poor sleeping posture, meaning that your body is at a bad angle when snoring occurs because the airway is being obstructed. If the all over posture of the body is at a better angle, then the air is allowed to flow freely while the person is sleeping and the throat area of the body is open. The idea is to find the correct posture for sleeping for the chronic snorer and the anti snoring pillows are a great step in the right direction because they correct your head positioning and in doing so, correct your posture.

There are multiple causes of snoring, but the most common is the bad positioning of the head and neck so the chin is pressed down on the chest, the airway is obstructed and the body cannot get enough air in to maintain itself, so it pulls harder and harder and snoring starts because of the skin flaps in the back of the throat moving with the increased pull of air in. Eating too much before bed, drinking alcohol just before sleep, lying on your back, obesity—-these are all reasons that can cause snoring and put a strain on your body during the night time hours.

There are all kinds of anti snoring pillows on the market for those looking for relief from snoring, and one other little niche in this area is the magnetic pillow. Not only is is designed to elevate your head and reposition your neck so your airway is aligned correctly; they also have magnetic properties that are supposed to provide healing through magnetism whenever the pillow is used.

One of the major factors in intense snoring in our obese world today, is sleep apnea. This is a problem with folks who usually have too much facial fat and folds of skin around the head and neck, and when the head is resting on a regular pillow so it is out of alignment, the person drops into a deep sleep which soon progresses into snoring because the folds of skin drop back against the back of the throat, and the air moving in the air ducts resonates in those flesh folds and causes the intense snoring. What happens in sleep apnea is that the snorer builds to a crescendo, then stops breathing for a period of time, and then as if he were coming up out of a swimming pool where he had been underwater for some time; he gasps for air, the heart jump starts and beats rapidly and then he proceeds to breathe again. Sleep apnea in its extreme forms can prevent you from getting a full night’s sleep, and can be fatal. In lesser cases, anti snoring pillows could help solve the problem.

The position of your body while you are sleeping is most important, because when you think about it, if you are lying on your back as you sleep—-what happens. The folds in your throat fall backward against the back of your throat and airway, and the airway is blocked—-so you really have to struggle to get air passing through that duct. As a result you snore because the folds act as flaps and move back and forth with the passing air creating sometimes a deafening racket. It’s amazing how much noise a snorer can make. For general good sleeping practices, sleeping on your side is the winner. Your body as a whole can be aligned better on the mattress, and one of the anti snoring pillows can be under your head and neck lifting them up and repositioning them so your airway is open and you can breathe freely without obstruction. As a result, your sleeping is much more peaceful and therapeutic.

Your body is a machine and requires routine maintenance just like any other well running machine. Snoring is not part of this picture. Snoring is a breakdown in the healthy picture of the body and is a detriment in the fact that your body cannot get the rest it needs because of lack of good deep sleep, and it can tax your heart as well as pave the way for sleep apnea. One of the most effective ways of stopping the snoring problem once and for all, is the use of anti snoring pillows.

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