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What causes hair loss? There are many causes of hair loss. Some are genetic, some are due to underlying medical illnesses, and some are due to trauma. Regardless of the cause, if the hair thinning that a person experiences is more than expected, it should be evaluated by a doctor. Determining the cause of hair loss is the first step to determining what treatments may be appropriate to slow or reverse the hair loss.

Can females suffer from male pattern baldness? Androgenic alopecia, or more commonly termed male pattern baldness, is the most common type of balding. It affects both men and women though it is more common in males. The patterns of hair loss are well studied and categorized. Interestingly, the hair loss only occurs on the scalp and not the rest of the body.

Are hair restoration surgeries permanent? The answer is probably – depending on the type of hair restoration surgery performed. For some causes of hair loss, simple excision of the area of alopecia is necessary to restore a natural appearing hair bearing area. Others may require follicular unit grafting or scalp reduction procedures or a combination of the two for best results. Consultation with a hair restoration surgeon is the best way to determine which option is right a particular hair loss. It should always be remembered that native hair may continue to fall out even though transplanted hair will not be affected by continued male pattern baldness.

What medicines are available for hair loss? The only United States FDA approved medications for hair loss are finasteride, minoxidil, and bimatoprost. Each has different indications. Bimatoprost is the latest on the scene and is approved for eyelash loss. Minoxidil is available over the counter but the other two require a prescription from a physician. All have side effects and consultation with a physician is always a wise choice before starting any treatment.

Talking with a doctor about hair loss is the first step toward treatment. While hair loss can be a significant problem, there are treatments available.

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