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So were you too needy in your relationship? Did you demand all their attention, try to make your mate spend all their time with you, ask for their advice and opinion on everything? Did you show up as too helpless and weak?

These kinds of behavior can drag down a relationship to the point where, over time, your mate feels that you are too much of a burden. When this happens, you will usually get the boot. Sorry, but you arent the one for me, the maybe we can be friends talk.

So if you have broken up with your mate because of being too needy, don’t feel too bad. It happens in a lot of relationships, and hopefully you have learned a lot from it.

But now that your mate is your ex you want them back. You NEED them back (sorry, couldnt help it). It is possible to get someone back into relationship with you if they left you because you were too needy?

It won’t necessarily be easy, but it can most certainly be done. The big first step is to recognize that you messed up by being too needy and clingy and weak. Men like to solve some problems for their women, but they want you to be independent and capable rather than an emotional mess. Too much clingy mess creates relationship killing problems.

So ask yourself, have you changed? Can you be more independent and less clingy? If you aren’t sure, go get some coaching. There’s no shame in it, and it isn’t that hard to learn to develop healthier boundaries in your love life.

The next big step is to let your ex know that you have changed. This, of course, is where it gets tricky. You can do this in several ways. One direct method is to call them and tell them what you’ve learned about healthy boundaries. Convince them that you won’t need to call them ten times a day while they are at work. If they understand that you have learned from the experience, they can begin to want you back.

Another way is to call them up weekly and chat with them. While chatting, make sure you point out all the problems youve solved on your own at work. Tell stories that describe your independence and your strength. After several weeks of this, they will start to really believe that you have changed and will look at you with new respect. Then you have an opening to start dating them again and taking it from there.

Theres a lot more to the art and science of repairing damage youve caused in a relationship and getting your ex back. But this is a good start to support you in getting your ex back into your life.

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