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Inspiration comes when you least expect it. In fact, quite often if you’re looking for inspiration it just cannot be found; however, rest assured if you’re sitting in your car in traffic or doing the laundry a great idea or a profound aha moment will emerge. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could find a way to create those moments each and every day?

You don’t look for inspiration but you can look for these everyday inspirational tools.

15 Places to Find Every Day Inspiration

1. Music. They say that music calms the savage beast but it can also soothe the soul an open the mind to wonderful things. Listen to a favorite song or music from an artist that you’ve heard about. Sing along loudly if you wish. Don’t hold back-really listen to the words and feel the music.

2. Animals. We are the keepers of animal life on earth. Pets love you unconditionally and you are called to do the same if you choose to open your home to them. Take a page from their book. Use them as a way to get inspired about life. Pets act on instinct and are quite amusing.

3. Nature. Whether it is the wind in the trees or the clouds in the sky, stop for a moment and just listen to nature. Experience it as you walk down the street. Experience it for a few moments each day sitting on your back porch.

4. Children. Whether they’re your own or you’re just watching them from afar, children have infinite wisdom. When they’re really young, they live their lives with complete honesty.

5. Your favorite book. Books are a great source of inspiration. They never fail to offer a snippet of inspiration and a quote can often leave us changed for lifeeven if you’ve read it a hundred times.

6. Religious text. Memorize your favorite religious passages to find inspiration when you need it most.

7. Meditation. Quiet moments without conscious thought are perhaps the most significant way to find inspiration. Millions of people around the world use meditation as a means to resolve issues and find a new perspective.

8. Art. Art can evoke many emotions from fear to anger to love to peace. Visit a gallery and find the meaning in the brushstrokes or the eye of a camera lens and let it inspire you.

9. Texture. Our nerve endings in our hands pick up the differences in a plush rug and a rough stone. Use that sensation to find gratitude for the gift and inspiration for your life.

10. People do amazing things every day. One person holding a door open for an elderly person or showing kindness to another can inspire you to do the same.

11. Seek gratitude. Create a list of the things in your life that you are grateful for each day.

12. Dance. Dancing frees our hearts and our minds. Music or no music, a good happy dance in the middle of the day will put a smile on your face and inspiration in your heart.

13. Friends. Friends are a source of inspiration because they let us into their hearts. We become close to people and are allowed the pleasure of sharing their hopes, fears, joys and challenges.

14. Quotes. Find appropriate quotes that will inspire you to press on in your daily life and have hope.

15. Hobbies. There is more to life than work. Having outside interests adds depth and meaning to your life.

Look around and see inspiration in places that seemed unlikely. When you find it, share it with others so that they can be inspired as well.

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