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by Lindelwa Maseko

Chances are that you are thinking about how to music on your iPhone, more so when you have just acquired this tiny little gizmo. All the music you love can be easily put here and this article would elaborate on how you could do this.

iPhone’s have become tremendously popular, so much so that retailers are worried already how they would meet the demands of the future potential customers. The versatility of the iPod as a hand held media center has been appreciated by its users so much that they now want it to be hooked to their cell phones as well.

If you are familiar with the iPod, you will already know what you need to do to download music to hand held devices. When you are blissfully ignorant about such things, here are some of the vital things you need. To begin with, you will need a computer of any configuration but it has to be somewhat modern. If you want to download music make sure that there is abundant space in the hard drives as this should not be a tough thing to find as music download files are not very big. You would require a lead to hook up your iPhone to your computer but you must also know from where you are going to download the music.

To download music on your iPhone, first of all avoid all P2P sites as this is deemed as a criminal activity. It could also mean that your computer gets infected with viruses and the downloaded files could also contain Trojans. Evading these sites is a must, unless you love destroying viruses as a passion. It need to be remembered that there is no site on the net which can offer free and open downloads but there are some reliable sites which allow you to download any music of choice if you decide to pay a small amount as joining fee. These are the sites that you should be looking out for and once you join them they would make your investment worth it.

You would surely want to include the contents of your CD collection to the music on your iPhone but to do this you need a special program to do this. There are many of these you get where some are even free but to be completely comfortable, you should try out a few and check out, even if you have to pay for it.

When your hard drive is loaded with the file, then you need to convert it to MP3 format before transferring it on to your iPhone just the way as a downloaded MP3 file. You could accomplish this task by using a lead for connection and then opening the iTunes library. Since learning the whole exercise of loading your chosen music on your iPhone is not that difficult, you could give it a shot.

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