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Are There Any Real Jobs Working from Home?

Is it really possible to make $8-$30 an hour from home? The answer is yes. College students, stay at home parents, and moonlighters know something that many don’t… they’ve sifted through the work from home scams and found the genuine gems that offer freedom from the conventional job.

I’m sure if you’ve called American Automobile Association, 1-800-Flowers, J. Crew, Walgreens, or Virgin America recently, you probably thought you were speaking to a Customer Service Representative sitting in call center or commercial office nestled in a cubicle… Chances are…you were speaking to someone chilling in their home office sipping tea watching their kids play in the backyard.

Real people really work from home and really get paid. Some roll out of bed and start working in their pajamas.

Some get up get the kids ready and off to school before starting their shift from their kitchen table.

I’m not making this up its true and you can do it too.

The work from home workforce in the United States is small but growing fast. While many companies are downsizing, cutting jobs, or declaring hiring freezes, there are some progressive companies that are cutting costs by adopting telecommuting business models.

What is telecommuting?

Telecommuting is when an employee or independent contractor works from home on a computer and/or telephone system that is connected to the main network of the company/employer.

Studies show that people that work from home are more productive, less stressed, unlikely to call out sick, and have an overall higher quality of life. Consequently, organizations that employ work from home agents enjoy low turn over rates, increased efficiency, increased productivity, increased profits, and increased customer satisfaction. Moreover, telecommuting is an environment friendly business model that helps to reduce highway congestion, fuel use, and air pollution.

What do telecommuters do?
Telecommuters, also known as work from home agents, perform various tasks including:

»Customer Service
»Technical Support
»Order Processing
»Data Entry
»Third Party Verification
»Market Research

How does one get a job as a work from home agent/telecommuter?

Most work from home jobs have professional requirements as well as equipment requirements. Note: Customer service experience is a plus!

You must be a disciplined self starter with superior communication skills and that can work with little to no supervision to work from. Is that really you?

Can you fight the temptation to watch tv or hop back in bed? Do you have a computer (not more than 5 years old), a fast internet connection, and a land line phone? Do you have a quiet place in your home to work with no background noise or distractions?

If you meet these basic requirements than you might be able to land a real job working from!

Update your resume and start your job search.

Here’s a list of companies that hire telecomuters and/or work from home agents:

Allows work from home agents to work as few or as many hours as possible.

Working Solutions»
Pays every two weeks via direct deposit (or checks by mail) with home based workers making as much as $30/hour.

Hires home based independent Contractors as live operator verification agents.

As seen on Good Morning America….Arise contracts home based workers.

VIP Desk»
Employs home based virtual personal assistants and corporate concierges.

West Corporation»
Provides paid online training and flexible schedules.

Cloud 10 Corp»
Hires work from home customer service representatives available to work 20 hours or more per week.

Alpine Access»
Employs home based customer service professionals for virtual call center services.

Hires work from independent contractors with specific skill-sets and matches them to meet the needs of client.

National Telecommuting Institute (NTI)»
Non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established to assist individuals with disabilities who strongly prefer or require home-based work.

Typists must be comfortable operating and maintaining their own computer and software, and have a minimum typing speed of 65 wpm.

Good luck with your work from home job search! Remember Living Life Abundantly is about maintaining a high quality of life. Working from home is great way to restore balance and spend time with those that matter most in your life….

but working from home isn’t for everyone…


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