A Pig Foot A Day Keeps Wrinkles Away

I have heard of some interesting anti-aging remedies but the latest is the strangest…. eating pigs feet.

Pigs FeetPigs feet are rich in a protein known to keep skin smooth, moisturized, and supple. Ever hear of collagen? Well, pigs feet have loads of collagen in them.

So does this mean instead of face lifts and beauty creams start eating pigs feet?

Not necessarily. I ate a few pigs feet when I was a kid. The thought of me eating them now is not very appetizing. I know that many cultures use pig’ feet in a variety of recipes, but I think for some people its an acquired taste. But there are alternatives to injections, face lifts, and cosmetic surgery.

By limiting our exposure to free radicals, changing our diets, and doing some good old fashion exercising…we can dramatically improve skin. (That treadmill is good for more than losing weight)! Skin is our largest organ, we should explore and practice the best and healthiest options for maintaining it. Living Life Abundantly is about taking good care of yourself and living a well balanced life.

  • Drinking water keeps our skin healthy and naturally moisturized.
  • Organic Shea Butter heals, protects, and moisturizes our skin.
  • Exercise improves circulation and complexion.
  • Fruits, vegetables, and vitamins keep our skin healthy. Foods high in antioxidants, vitamins K, E ,B’s, A, and C are extremely beneficial to our skin.

Your skin is exposed to harsh elements daily. Do what you can now to keep your skin healthy and you won’t have to worry about excessive wrinkles and aging.

43 thoughts on “A Pig Foot A Day Keeps Wrinkles Away

  1. Hi Marenda, I live in Tennessee and we been eating those picked pigs feet for many years. Long before anyone said anything about collagen, we ate them because they where good eating. Fred

  2. I think eating pig feet can affect your skin. There is so much oil in pig foot skin and it can make your facial skin oily and you may get acne easily.

  3. For many of us, promises of improved skin won’t be enought to justify eating pig’s feet. Cool find but I’m sure many won’t make a huge effort incorporating pigs feet into their diet.

  4. Pigs feet? I’m with Christopher, I’d rather have wrinkles that eat pigs feet. I think you’ve given some pretty good advice on things to do, so that we don’t have to eat pigs feet.

  5. Have you considered the sauna to improve your skin? With the pollutants that come with today’s levels of industry and transportation, the average person is likely host to many toxic substances, including trace metals and harmful chemicals. The act of sweating can help to flush those toxins from the body. The skin, the largest organ of the human body, contains more than 2.6 million sweat glands. It’s widely believed that infrared sauna usage helps to flush toxins from the body through the pores of our skin.

  6. Wow that’s gross lol! Still might be worth a try. I do drink lots of water – my partner drinks tons – perhaps too much (water that is!). Oh well I’m in… 😀

  7. Oh , i think that's really piggy!! I prefer to have wrinkles than using pigs legs on my face. And there are many other simple and pleasing ways to reduce wrinkles…

  8. I'm a vegetarian and I would not prefer the piggy feets, but the water advice is pretty good. Remember to eat something while you drink, or the water will not bind in your body, and just go right out the pipes.. =)

  9. The thought of eating pig's feet makes me want to hurl. But there are definite positives to drinking water that will help with the wrinkles. I try to drink cold, cold water about a gallon a day or so. What happens is that to keep the body at a constant temp, your metabolism kicks into high gear. This in turn keeps the cells refreshing at a higher rate and keeping the skin more smooth.

  10. it is such an amazing thing to hear. People will do anything to delay the aging process. but we all have to obey the natural order, which says that if you born you have to die some day. during the period where you taste your life you have to try to be happy as much as possible. Most easiest way of preventing or slowing the aging process is meditation. but it is difficult to initiate. but if you start you will never quit.

  11. I take grapeseed capsule as an anti oxidant. I think it really works. My skin is wrinkle free. i drink 8 glasses of water also.

  12. This is really interesting, I'm fascinated by the fact that pigs feet maybe used by some to fight away wrinkles. I think the most effective one is drinking lots and lots of water. This really helps in rejuvenating our skin. Exercise is also one of the best source to keep our body healthy and alert.

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  14. In today's society you NEED to look your absolute best. Often times people will say "looks are not important", but today everyone is judged by their appearance. As upsetting as that sounds, it's the truth. You can see this fact in action every day when you turn on the TV to see Britney Spears get bombarded by narrators talking about her looks.

  15. I agree with all the things you guys have said and would like to reiterate that drinking water is a must! and lots of it!

  16. Hi Marenda Thanks for the usefull and a strange post. I hope I would have a try with this skin care method.

  17. Hi Marenda I am afraid that I want to eat Pigs feet to maintain my skin and better I would follow drinking water continuously.

  18. Healthy life, eating more vegetables, fruits and drinking enough, exercise regularly is one of the most correct way to protect skin from wrinkles, dull skin. addition, many products cosmetics are that can be overcome. healthy life is number one way.

  19. There is a good better way to have smooth skin–use an infrared sauna, it's not only good for your skin, it helps weight loss and provides many other health benefits.

  20. Hahah, I have been looking for pig feet for a while now but have not been able to find them or about the benefits of them, I will have to look harder because of the great benefits.

  21. I use a infrared sauna also, in conjuction with drinking lots of water. I have only had it for 3 months, but I feel so much healthier.

  22. I remember when I was younger that pigs feet and pigs knuckles were specialty foods served at lunchtime in a Pub that I used to frequent at lunch with my buddies. Can't say that I ever tried it but I know they served a lot of it.

  23. Simmer the pigs feet in a pot with water that just covers the pigs feet by a centimetre or two and a splah of vinagar for 24hrs, then strain out the bones and skin etc. pour liquid into a container and let it set in the fridge over night. the next morning you will have a collagen jelly, cut into squares and eat. Tastes is ok just like a bland Jelly but it is the best thing you can eat for you skin and the results will show very quickly. Best to use organic pigs feet if you can find them.. Good luck

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