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Blog It ForwardTag I’m it, a fellow blogger has tagged my blog as one of her favorites. Now it’s my turn to share a list of ten of my favorite blogs. This is not an easy task. I read a ton of blogs and have many favorites…but some how I narrowed it down and I am Blogging it Forward. In no particular order here are ten of my favorite blogs that I think you’ll enjoy too.

  1. AllyWork
  2. DreamandHustle
  3. FieldNegro
  4. OffendedBlogger
  5. YouBettaRecognize
  6. BloggingMixing
  7. InspiredByAction
  8. Racialicious
  9. TheOldBlackChurch
  10. BlackHandSide

Be sure to check out all 10 of these blogs, it took me two days to finalize this list :)

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