What are your expectations?

Do you anticipate bad things will happen to you? Have you ever said something like “with my luck ____ will happen” (fill in the blank with something negative)…We’ve all done it. We have expected circumstances that we didn’t really want to occur but because we expected the worse we attracted and received the worse.

If we continue to operate like this we can rightfully expect that our lives will always be filled with formidable circumstances. We must change our expectations to change our lives.

The universal law of expectations is directly linked to the law of attraction. All universal laws work together to shape and create our lives.

The Law of Expectation

Whatever you expect with confidence tends to materialize in the world around you. You always act in a manner consistent with your expectations, and your expectations influence the attitudes and behaviors of the people around you. —Brian Tracy

You have the power within you to create the life of your dreams. Begin living life abundantly by expecting good in abundance.

2 thoughts on “What are your expectations?

  1. We must change our expectations to change our lives. What a powerful summary of the Law of Expectation! Yes, we always expect the great things doing the same things. Of course, we get the same old things. But if change our expectations…. as I type this I am already thinking… Thanks for this great poser. Abundance Always!

  2. I have found positive thinking to be essential to success throughout life… the line between positive thinking and realistic thinking is tough to draw, however. Positive thinking for the sake of positive thinking is a dangerous trap to fall into, but positive thinking with a realistic base is the key to success

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