40 Stress signals 20 stress killers

The number 1 reason you must learn to deal with stress is because unchecked stress can cause serious health problems which can lead to death. How often do we hear the phrase “I’m stressed out” and how often has it come out of our own mouths?
Stress kills and we all need to know how to kill stress before it kills us. Here are 40 stress signals to look for followed by 20 ways to wipe out stress.

Stress Signals and Warning Signs

  1. Jittery feelings
  2. Rapid Heartbeat
  3. Sweating
  4. Hand clenching
  5. Gritting teeth
  6. Sexual difficulties
  7. Feeling lonely
  8. Queasy stomach
  9. Irritability
  10. Vomitting
  11. Emotional instability
  12. Diarrhea
  13. Headache
  14. Backache
  15. Neck ache
  16. Hives
  17. Inability to concentrate
  18. Clumsiness
  19. Insomnia
  20. Stuttering
  21. Constipation
  22. Depresion
  23. Forgetfulness
  24. Nightmares
  25. Frequent urination
  26. Negative thoughts
  27. Rash
  28. Pacing
  29. Dizziness
  30. Low energy
  31. faintness
  32. Temper outbursts
  33. Overeating
  34. Lack of interest
  35. Foot tapping
  36. Smoking
  37. Drinking
  38. fatigue
  39. crying
  40. Feeling fearful

Stress Killing Methods That Work:

  1. Develop and maintain a positive outlook. Change your thinking to change your life.
  2. Accept things that you cannot change.
  3. Schedule “Me Time” in your day.
  4. Exercise regularly.
  5. Have fun.
  6. Develop and maintain healthy eating habits.
  7. Set realistic goals.
  8. Forgive yourself and others for mistakes.
  9. Express your feelings.
  10. Manage your time.
  11. Laugh often.
  12. Reward yourself.
  13. Surround yourself with happy people.
  14. Be flexible.
  15. Practice deep breathing methods.
  16. Avoid arguments.
  17. Imagine yourself handling stressful situations well.
  18. Use relaxation techniques regularly.
  19. Seek, develop, and maintain balance in your life.
  20. Seek professional help if necessary.

11 thoughts on “40 Stress signals 20 stress killers

  1. Great information. I’ve always had problem with 30 and 5. Hopefully I can relieve some of the stress.

  2. i learn something from a stress management seminar that you can actually relieve your stress buy just taking care of your plants. sitting under the tree or watching fishes in an aquarium or go to beach….

  3. I agree with you stress can be extremelly bad for your health. I will try out some of your tips and see how they work.

  4. I try to laugh more often, but it’s difficult when you’re vomiting. Seriously though, the best stress eleviating trick I tried was quitting my job and doing something I enjoyed instead. Sure, I’m broke, but I’m happy.

  5. Thanks for the valuable information. But I would like to add that the most important way to combat stress is by living in present. If we stop thinking about our past and future and enjoy what we have today, I’m sure our life would be much much more stress free.

  6. I always try to medidate during stress to relax both mind and body. There are a lof of Internet courses that will help you to medidate.

  7. Great list, anyone who exhibits these symptoms should be sure to go and take a stress test to see what' causing these harmful feelings. Your results might tell you that you need to visit a professional to attack your anxiety and depression.

  8. Im a kid and im soooo stressed. I wonder how the adults do it? I can't schedule me time, my parents do that and my me time is considered sleeping.

  9. I suffered from #8 (Queasy Stomach) for many years until I changed my diet and it lowered my cholesterol and blood pressure. It's amazing how much things have changed with one major change. Glad you have this info listed. Thank you.

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